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about anyone!



Limited Edition
Bronze Bust of Ronald Reagan


other sculptures:
John F. Kennedy (JFK)  Albert Einstein  |  Captain Hugh Mitchell



  A MUST-HAVE FOR THE SERIOUS COLLECTOR! Superior quality and style.


These sculptures are now out of production.



"The Reagan bust that sculptor Peter Carsillo created is the truest likeness I have ever seen.  I was delighted to receive this beautiful work of art and look forward to purchasing future busts of Truman, Eisenhower and Nixon to add to my collection.  Mr. Carsillo is truly a very gifted and talented man."
-- C.H
., Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

"I purchased the Ronald Reagan sculpture online as a gift for my son, who is running for congress this year.  He is a "Reagan Republican" and will be so proud to display this fine piece. The piece is large and well weighted at over 8 pounds. The artistry and notice given to detail are remarkable. The color shading brings a warmth to the life-like features of this great American's image.  A true likeness, unlike any I've seen before. I hope that I'll be contacted with the release of other similar presidential works."
-- D.M., Carmel, Indiana, USA


"The Reagan bronze bust by Peter Carsillo is a beautiful piece of artwork. Anyone interested in a quality sculpture at a reasonable price should definitely look into this collector's item." -- D.O., Laurel, Maryland, USA


"What an extraordinarily beautiful piece of art! The bust is very attractive. The sculptor has paid enormous attention to detail when creating the bust. It really is worth the money. I have seen a lot of Reagan busts floating around the internet, but this bust is beautiful beyond compare. The seller has taken very good care when shipping. As a result, my bust arrived in very mint condition. On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate this sculpture a 9 -- only because nothing in the world is a perfect 10." --
K.N., Chicago, Illinois, USA

"The Reagan sculpture is so authentic and lifelike that it could have been a life mask had it been life size.  The detail captures his true American spirit and why we all love him so much. It fits right on any shelf or mantle and has the look and feel of solid bronze.  I am looking forward to the other presidents in the series. The sculptor is a true artist.  I highly recommend this piece of history to everyone interested in collecting presidential memorabilia." -- G.R., Lumberton, New Jersey, USA


Perfect for home or office, this 12 inch Cold-Cast Bronze sculpture of Ronald Reagan is limited to only 1,000 castings. This creation is part of the American Saviors Fine Sculpture Series and is being offered through a very special arrangement with the sculptor's company. The creator, Peter Carsillo, is an exceptionally talented local sculptor who is nationally renowned for his work -- he is known as America's leading collectible portrait sculptor, and has worked for Hollywood, Disney, and many other famous projects. The photos give you a good idea of the magnificence of this piece. Notice how the room's natural window light is captured and reflected on the surface, and see the fine detail in the facial features which make this a stunning replica of "The Gipper". Now that Mr. Reagan is no longer with us, this sculpture is a treasured collector's item.

Your brand new bronze bust of Ronald Reagan comes with its own numbered Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist  and is UNCIRCULATED ... which means you are its only owner, the one delivered to you has never been distributed or sold to anyone else.

An independent distinguished certified fine arts expert specializing in bronze sculptures, Dr. J. Darragh M. Elliott, has appraised these sculptures at a Wholesale Market Value of $1,200.00 and a Replacement (Retail) Value of $1,500.00! Your sculpture will come with a color copy of the Appraisal Certificate. (Click here to see the online version of the appraisal.)

Many other “bronze” sculptures being sold elsewhere are actually merely alabaster (plaster) or other materials painted to look bronze. The sculptures we offer are cold-cast, containing a majority proportion of bronze filings and bronze powder ... making this bronze bust affordable, of high quality, and able to endure for generations. Each sculpture is individually hand finished with a subtle patina and weighs approximately 8 pounds. We have found a few Reagan busts on the market but none of the other cold-cast bronzes even come close in quality and fine workmanship. Even those made of solid molten bronze being sold for over $30,000 are not as visually appealing and do not capture the detail of this sculpture.

 Don't miss your opportunity to own this truly unique
handcrafted work of art
at such a reasonable price!

Your BRAND NEW Limited Edition bronze sculpture of Ronald Reagan will be carefully packaged in form-fitted foam and fully insured for safe delivery.

Two 8" x 10" photos of Ronald Reagan with every sculpture order!
These two prints will make a nice addition to your collection.


Publicity Still Portrait from the 1953 film "Law and Order" (Reagan played U.S. Marshal Frame Johnson)


Autographed pre-print of Reagan in later years, titled "With best wishes"


Also, did you know that you can commission this very talented sculptor to create an original portrait bust of just about anyone? Contact us about this incredibly valuable, unique service.



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John F. Kennedy
Albert Einstein
Captain Hugh Mitchell