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If you could take a wonder pill and have it do ANYTHING, what would you want it to do? Quick -- what's the very first thing that pops into your mind? Some people have answered this question with "lose weight" or "make me have more money" or "give me a perfect marriage" and so on. My answer to that question was "to grant me a calmer spirit and better insight into myself and others." Well, tens of thousands of people like myself have found this "wonder pill" of sorts ... and so can you.

Can't let go? Stressed out? Stuck in a rut? Do you suppress your emotions or perhaps let them get out of control too often? Are you a perfectionist? Can't break free from addictions to food, alcohol, drugs, work, smoking, and other negative habits? Can't seem to pick or keep the right partners? Gripped by fear, anxiety, grief, anger, or hatred? Is conflict a steady part of your life? Can't sleep? Low self-esteem? No energy? Health complaints? Tired of people taking advantage of you? Can't find lasting peace or happiness? Feeling unfulfilled? Are you constantly running on a treadmill, either not going anywhere or unable to get where you want to go? Would you like to make things better in your life, even those things that are already going great?

Here's how to take control of your life ...

It begins with clicking here to get a free newsletter -- it will introduce you to the physical and emotional freedom you only dreamed was possible. Find out how you can tap your natural ability to let go of any unwanted feeling on the spot, among other things. Letting go is potentially the answer for every one of your problems and the solution for every one of your goals. (That's why I compared letting go through the Sedona Method to a "wonder pill" that can potentially do anything.) This breakthrough method will show you not only why this is the case but also HOW to break free from what has been making you feel like the proverbial fly stuck in flypaper. (Personally, I used to feel that way in many areas of life, but not anymore! I've studied a variety of self-change methods but none of them ever answered the bottom line burning question which I grappled with: how do you let go of the pain, fear, etc.??? For the first time in my life I now understand it ... and am able to implement it with amazing results. It has been especially helpful in letting go of long-standing fears I thought could never be conquered!)

Validated and proven effective by a Harvard Medical School study and results from more than 40,000 people throughout the world, The Sedona Method -- now available in an inexpensive home study self-improvement program -- will swiftly and easily help you let go of the negative (and positive) blocks that have been holding you back all your life, guaranteed!!! This information will transform your life and give you a secret tool against anything that prevents you from getting what you want and deserve out of life and against anyone that would try to control your life. Imagine the results this could have in your family relationships, business dealings, self-esteem, health, etc. 

Negative patterns of behavior dissolve and make room for a new you. You experience a change from the inside out, which is the most effective, long-lasting approach. A truly amazing thing happens when you use the releasing technique on one particular area ... not only does THAT problem clear up, but a delightful snowball effect is created which profoundly affects other parts of your life, and soon the letting go is happening naturally, without any focused effort! And since the results from the Sedona Method increase over time, this valuable self-improvement tool grants you unlimited potential for freedom.

This technique can be done wherever you are and without anyone being able to tell you're doing it. It doesn't force positive thinking, it's beyond just a relaxation technique, it does not involve digging up the past at all, and it doesn't involve racking your brain to figure out why you behave as you do. You will finally know the secret of how to uproot at the very core the things that have been holding you back. It's a simple process that once learned will be with you for the rest of your life and will serve you well.

In addition to being used by individuals to improve their lives, it is also used by corporations to improve the effectiveness of their employees. Many top executives and their staff from large corporations like Exxon, AT&T, Merrill Lynch, TWA, JC Penney, Marriott Hotels, the FAA, Bristol Myers, Chemical Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank, Polaroid, Mutual of New York, Paine-Webber, and others have put The Sedona Method into practice and report a "Dramatic Increase in Employee Performance". Also, a random sample of 117 individuals who have completed the audiocourse were surveyed over a 17 month period. Though it had been more than 9 months on average since they had taken the course, 91% rated the course Valuable, Very Valuable or Extremely Valuable. Not one person gave it a negative rating. So not only does the method work, the results LAST over time!

To gain a more in-depth understanding of the surprising details about how emotions govern every aspect of our lives, step-by-step power goal setting and achieving, how to come to the point of acceptance, how to use the method to change your financial situation, how to implement the letting go technique in everyday life in a variety of specific situations (including past, present, and future relationships), and a wealth of other information, please explore the Sedona Method's products. If you allow yourself to work with this information, it promises to exceed your expectations. Their products come with a 100% money back 30 day guarantee.

Your SuperCourse purchase also comes with a workbook, a 24/7 support network to answer your questions along the way, and the opportunity to receive free newsletters if you choose.

Here are some breakthrough discoveries this audiocourse reveals:

how to get your life "in the flow" where everything works
what emotions really are (which is the key to letting them go)
9 main emotional states
he anatomy of habits and addictions (it's so simple you won't believe it)
11 powerful guidelines for setting and achieving goals (and why you should never use negative words in your goal statements)
what is truly behind resistance (and how to melt it in yourself and in other people)
one ironic, simple thing that will facilitate letting go 
how to gain control in life
3 underlying wants that drive ALL our emotions (and how to dissolve them)
how to get others to like you more
the real reason behind the inability to say "no" and really mean it
sure-fire methods to beat panic and fear (and a shocking fact about the roots of fear)
how to get unstuck from recurring thought and behavior patterns
why "positive thinking" and affirmations don't work (and how to naturally become a more positive person)
bonus application of the technique you can use any time you interact with other people
another bonus application of the technique you can use for specific issues

This audiocourse will walk you through step-by-step to enable you to implement the revolutionary techniques. Are you ready to put yourself on a new track in life?

By the way, I'm not getting any compensation or profits off of the Sedona Method. I'm just an advocate for it because of what it has done for my life.]

  Free tape offer The Sedona 


 The journey begins with one simple step ...
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! 

positive changes in behavior and attitude ease in learning new skills
increased problem-solving ability get out of your head and into your heart
more relaxed and confident greater effectiveness in daily life
greater accomplishments gain the ability to say no and mean it
new insights and connections become who you really want to be
ability to finish what you start physical, mental, and emotional changes

If you're feeling 

to taking the steps to explore this, please keep reading ...

Don't feel like you have the TIME to invest in this project? Why not listen to the tapes while driving in your car, or pop them into your Walkman and listen while relaxing outside or cleaning your house? This releasing work can be done in the middle of any other activity, you don't need to close your eyes and go to a quiet place to achieve results. It only takes a few hours to listen to the course in its entirety and gain this valuable education. (I listen while working.)

Don't feel like you have the MONEY to invest in this project? Can I ask you to consider for a moment how much money you spend on your hobbies? Or if you're a smoker, how much have you spent on cigarettes this year already? If you smoke a pack per day, for example, you spend over $1,800 per year on your habit ... couldn't you spend a FRACTION of that to buy something that will improve your health and your entire life? Plus, there's a money-back guarantee, so money isn't really the issue.

You'll never know if the claims made on this 
page are true unless you try it for yourself!

P.S. -- In my opinion, this method works FANTASTIC in conjunction with another revolutionary method, Progressive Mental Alignment (formerly known as BCE Lifestyle Training). These two things put together are the most powerful man-made tools for personal development and lifestyle management that I have ever found ... a combination that has absolutely changed my life.