Everyone in your company must juggle countless tasks and projects daily in order to keep business running smoothly. Wouldn’t it be a relief to get some extra help ONLY when you need it? As an experienced Project Assistant On-the-Go, I can help take care of a wide variety of necessary projects that are piling up. The end result is that you and your employees can use your valuable skills and focus on the truly important, high-leverage activities within your business that need your attention so you can improve your bottom line.

I am a licensed entrepreneur who works independently and remotely ... helping businesses with their overflow and/or offering economical solutions for projects that are generally only handled by costly specialty companies. My decades of experience of computer proficiency, research, editing, marketing, graphic design, and the day-to-day operations of a company are a valuable resource to businesses in need of help. You’ll save money outsourcing projects in the long run because you’ll only pay me for my actual time working -- if you hire an employee, you’ll pay for his or her lunch time, trips to the restroom, breaks, socializing, sick days, holidays, vacation time, medical expenses, work-related injuries, unemployment compensation, taxes, retirement, profit sharing, overtime charges, and the list goes on and on! (According to Human Resources data supplied to salary.com in August 2014, just the benefits package alone adds 50% to the base salary of a Level III Secretary in my city, St. Augustine, Florida. My qualifications far exceed a Level III Secretary.)

Let me offset your workload at a fraction of the overall price you would pay to hire an employee to do it.
Let me handle advanced projects that employees don't know how to do and specialty companies charge too much for.


Here are a few of the services I can perform for your company (click the buttons for more info):

Coming soon, for restaurants:
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Call or email me for your free personalized quote and start saving today! I'm available for one-time projects and/or ongoing service locally or long distance. Let this experienced, efficient, trustworthy Project Assistant On-the-Go save your company time and money by providing the office support you need. Let ME do the juggling for you! What can I take off your To Do List this week?


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License #47555

And, if all this isn’t enough, I also have a large network of MANY different local St. Augustine companies I can recommend because I know the owners personally.

I have an arrangement with each one of these dependable, honest business owners who have agreed to provide you with a special discount.

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Deborah McGeorge:
Project Assistant On-The-Go

P. O. Box 860012
St. Augustine, FL 32086



Website Maintenance & Design
Facebook Business Pages

Online & Offline Form Creation
Desktop Publishing / Graphic Design
Business Card Design & Printing
Resume Design
Slideshow / Video Creation



Search Engine & Directory Registration
Text Message Marketing
Email Marketing

Voicemail Broadcast Marketing
Direct Marketing Mailings & Research
QR Code Creation & Tracking



Typing/Word Processing
Undercover Competitor Research
Writing & Editing 

Freelance Photography
Reminder Service
Digital Scanning
Transcription Service


General Research Service
Internet Consignment

Electronic & Computer Recycling
Computer Cleaning (interior)

Computer Security
Computer Repair, Backup Systems
Basic Computer Tutoring
Office Cleaning & Window Cleaning
Litter Removal


In the event of a rate conflict, prices on our website will always supersede any printed prices.