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Affiliate Marketing: So you say you know how to make money on the Web? Share the wealth!

Affiliate Marketing is when one website (an affiliate) promotes another website's products or services (a merchant) in exchange for a commission. The merchant provides ads for the affiliate to place on their website, and if an ad (which links to the merchant's website) results in a sale, a sign up, or a click, then voila ... the affiliate earns a commission!

The best part about it for affiliates is that it's free and easy -- you refer your website visitors to something they like, somebody else does the hard work of providing the product or service, you simply take the money and run!

The best part for merchants is that they only have to "pay for performance" (clicks, sign ups or sales, depending on how the program is set up) and it removes the risk of paying for advertising and just hoping it will result in sales.

Commission Junction is the leading affiliate marketing solutions provider. Choose as many of the thousands of different merchant programs as you'd like! You're bound to find many products/services you can easily promote. You'll be smiling all the way to the bank.

Publishers can get started today for free by signing up online and get paid in one monthly paycheck for all the online partnerships they develop through Commission Junction.

Advertisers pay only for performance - sales or referrals - instead of paying up front for advertising.

Commission Junction is the leading affiliate marketing solution provider. Learn more about our global service today.


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Read the amazing true story of how one woman, with no previous business experience, earns 400,000+ per year ... selling other people's stuff online!
In her down-to-earth, sincere and often humorous style, Rosalind Gardner guides you through the entire process of building an affiliate marketing business on the 'Net. In 236 pages, and more than 68,000 words, you'll learn how to pick the best programs, negotiate a commission raise and save time, money and effort on everything from affiliate software to web hosting. To learn exactly how she does it, Click Here.



* Generate residual revenue from your online presence by referring buyers -- at no cost to you.
* Drive traffic to your site and turn that traffic into profit.
* Enhance your brand by associating with leading online merchants.
* All the hard work is done for you - from generating the HTML links to tracking and processing   orders.


1. If you want to be an affiliate and earn money with your website:
* Get paid in one monthly paycheck --a consolidated payment from all of your merchant partners.
* Earn $2 for each person who joins the Commission Junction network as an affiliate AND 5% of the commissions your sub-affiliates earn!
* Earn $51.80 for each new advertiser you recruit that goes live in the network (20% of their $259 sign-up fee).
* Some of Commission Junction's advertisers actually RAISE their commission rates at times, so your revenue potential is even greater.
* Commission Junction is the leading affiliate marketing solution provider, with nearly 2,000 merchants to choose from.
* Over 366,700 other people are already earning extra cash from their affiliate membership with CJ!
* Our partnership with Commission Junction allows you to sign up right now. Get started today for free ...
2. If you are a merchant who wants to increase sales by signing on the greatest number of affiliates to advertise for you:
* Commission Junction provides a large, established customer network and a centralized infrastructure - delivering full-featured functionality and unlimited, on-the-fly scalability at a monthly cost based solely on the results its clients receive.
* CJ currently serves more than 6 billion impressions (the number of times merchants' ads or links were viewed on CJ's affiliate sites) per month. Think of the sales potential for your product or service!
(See additional strong reasons for smart companies to plug into the CJ network.)



ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS SIGN UP WITH AS MANY MERCHANTS AS YOU'D LIKE, THEN PUT THEIR CODED LINK ON YOUR WEBSITE, and you can SELL WITHOUT BUYING! You don't have to worry about keeping track of anything, or processing any orders. It will all be taken care of. Every lead and sale is going to earn you a hefty commission. The more you promote, the higher your commission. Tell your friends, business associates, put the links in your email messages, newsletters, etc. You could even design a page like this one and put the URL on your business cards and offline correspondence. The opportunities are limited only by your imagination, so sign up today if you're interested in raking in some extra cash! I'm very pleasantly surprised at how much I earn from these programs.

According to September 2014 figures published by Internet World Stats, a leading authority on internet usage statistics, 3 BILLION people in the world regularly use the Internet (40% of the world population). The internet is exploding and YOU can cash in on it right now by joining affiliate programs and making money from millions of online shoppers.

Here is a sampling of some of the merchants you 
can partner with ... it's worth the time to explore!

Sedona Method Course
25% of every sale you refer to their website

If you could take a wonder pill and have it do ANYTHING, what would you want it to do? What is the very first thing that pops into your mind? Some people have answered this question with "lose weight" or "make me have more money" or "give me a perfect marriage" and so on. My answer to that question was "to grant me a calmer spirit and better insight into myself and others." Well, tens of thousands of people like myself have found this "wonder pill" of sorts ... and so can you. The Sedona Method is the SIMPLE technique that will transform your life. Can't let go? Stressed out? Stuck in a rut? Do you suppress your emotions or perhaps let them get out of control too often? Are you a perfectionist? Can't break free from addictions to food, alcohol, drugs, work, smoking, and other negative habits? Can't seem to pick or keep the right partners? Gripped by fear, anxiety, grief, anger, or hatred? Is conflict a steady part of your life? Can't sleep? Low self-esteem? No energy? Health complaints? Tired of people taking advantage of you? Can't find lasting peace or happiness? Feeling unfulfilled? Are you constantly running on a treadmill, not going anywhere or unable to get where you want to go? Would you like to make things better in your life, even those things that are already going great? Take control of your life ... the first step is clicking on the banner and getting your FREE TAPE that will introduce you to the physical and emotional freedom you only dreamed was possible. Find out how you can tap your natural ability to let go of any unwanted feeling on the spot, among other things. Validated and proven effective by a Harvard Medical School study and results from more than 40,000 people throughout the world, The Sedona Method -- now available in an inexpensive home study self-improvement program -- will swiftly and easily help you let go of the negative (and positive) blocks that have been holding you back all your life, guaranteed!!! What affiliate program could possibly have wider appeal than this one? It's something everyone can benefit from, including yourself. THIS PROGRAM HAS BROUGHT TREMENDOUS BENEFITS TO ME PERSONALLY, BOTH AS A CONSUMER AND AS AN AFFILIATE !

Cash in on the popular $7 Secrets craze! This site sells valuable ebooks for a mere $7 and a few for just $10. As you can imagine, their sales are through the roof. Put their link on your website and earn 75% of each ebook/report sold on the through your affiliate link. Sure, the commission is only $5.25 - $7.50 per sale, HOWEVER, since this site is  so popular, you can easily generate some worthwhile income as the sales add up. Not bad for the 4 minutes of work it will take to put their link on your site! There is no program to join, simply follow the instructions on how to configure your special tracking link ... and start earning money.

You can also promote categories of ebooks, and even write your own reports and sell them on the site.


When you order Internet Mining Gold, one of the free bonuses is this referral program. Well worth it!!

This system is now so simple anyone who owns a computer can make money. This will be an easy product to sell because of the number of people who want to jump on the bandwagon and earn money online. Your prospects will love the risk-free offer:  if they don't make at least 25 times their initial (small) investment within those 90 days, their money will be fully refunded! How could you go wrong?

$20 for each Mining Gold on the Internet ebook ordered through your link
$30 for each Six Figure Secrets Seminar and ebook ordered through your link

Here's how can join an affiliate program even if you don't currently have a website!

this is the only web host on the Internet that will pay you to promote your own website! Get your FREE no-strings-attached "Affiliate" website.  Plus, earn $20 cash over and over again! (And they provide instructions so simple, even Homer Simpson could set up his own site.) Great promotional tools including a free 22-page report that you can reprint and distribute. Advanced accounts also get free email, a free secure online order form for your site (usually costs plenty), extra commissions several levels deep, free advertising, and more! 

$10 for every visitor who purchases the Job Secrets Revealed book -- anytime within 2 years of their first visit!
$5 for every sale your sub-referrals earn

It is easy to receive between $400 - $900 per month from this program... even if your site has low traffic counts. Medium sites can expect $1200-$2700 per month, and heavy traffic sites can expect $4000+ per month. Our top associates make a minimum of $8000 EVERY MONTH. Now you can see why our associates program is so powerful!


$80 Cash Reward!

Get noticed with a cool Flash resume on mini-CD ... the most incredible Flash resume templates you're ever likely to see. You can try them all out, see what they look like and even plug in your info and see your own resume in action. There are various options available for purchasing - customers can get CDs shipped to them, or simply download the files to burn their own discs. Earn a generous commission for every sale coming through your link PLUS commission on your affiliates' sales!

Product/service name

Price Referral fee Sub-referral fee
Resume-On-CD digital download only $75 $20 $5 *
Resume-On-CD 10-CD pack $149 $40 $10 *
Resume-On-CD 20-CD pack $195 $60 $15 *
Resume-On-CD 50-CD pack $295 $80 $20 *

*Important Note: You will only receive sub-referral commissions in the amounts specified above if you are promoting the sub-referrer (sub-associate) program. In other words, if you recommend people to our associate program and they join, you will automatically receive a sub-referral fee for anything THEY SELL for as long as they promote our products. You will receive complete details on how to implement the sub-affiliates program once you sign up.



This is a very generous affiliate program:

30% commission ($5 to $75) during EACH month your referrals are paying for this monthly service 
10% commission on all the sales made by the people who sign up under you, unlimited!

It starts with giving away free autoresponder accounts. If the member upgrades to a paying account anytime between now and forever, you earn your commission. A high percentage of accounts are upgraded, due to its appeal and savvy marketing of this company. An autoresponder is an automatic follow-up tool used by smart online business owners, it can triple or quadruple their sales, so this should be an easy program to earn from.

$10 for every domain registration or transfer through your link
20% of any additional packages purchased, every month ($5 to $28 extra commission per month)
... and once you've referred 10 active accounts, that commission goes up to 40% !  

This is a great program because customers get their own domain name AND a 20MB website with no banners or ads of any kind, also email, autoresponder, etc. -- all for under $3 per month, and you'll get exceptionally generous referral commissions! I've searched and found that nobody beats this deal for such a large number of Megabytes and other features. And those companies offering cheap domain names don't tell you that you still have to find and pay monthly for a service to host your site. None of the free webspace providers offer ad-free hosting with or without a domain name, either. (This site you're visiting now is hosted there.) 


Also offered is shared hosting and dedicated hosting for very heavy traffic sites.

Do you have any contacts who want to put their business online? 
Or who are paying a lot more than this right now? 
An easy way to line your pockets.

  eFax Plus

Don't have a fax machine? Get your faxes FREE in your emailbox.
Don't want to give out your home number? Give out your personal eFax number and people will have to leave voicemail!

for each customer that signs up for eFax Plus service (to send and receive faxes)
5 cents for every eFax Free signup you initiate (to receive faxes and voicemail by email), 
plus you'll get the $5 bounty if they upgrade to eFax Plus within their first 90 days of service
$2 for every visitor who becomes an affiliate through Commission Junction
5% of all sales your referrals earn on this and other programs

eFax is the leading provider of fax-to-email services. It's simple: the more valuable the customer, the more you earn. 
Promoting eFax on your website is an easy way to turn your traffic into cash. 

* Hundreds of dollars in savings. If you happened to live in Los Angeles, you would pay $456.41
for an old-fashioned fax machine, installation of a fax line, and a yearís worth of phone service. 
Why spend all that money?
* No activation fee and quick setupóbe up and running in minutes.
* Complete flexibility. Route faxes to five different email addresses.
* Increased local presenceóget a number to put on your business card.

 $65 for every internet marketing course sold through your link
$35 for every Internet Profit Makers Seminar video sold through your link
$10 for every order of Car Secrets Revealed that comes from your link
PLUS, earn sub-referral income on everything sold by the people who sign up under you.


Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

Earn $5 when someone signs up for an account and meets the requirements

The most popular payment method on EBay. 
The person opening the new account also gets $5 when they 
meet the requirements, so this referral program has very wide appeal! 
Loved and used by over 11 million people who buy and/or sell online.

  Put Your Business on the Map

10% of every sale of an add-on service like shopping cart, ad-free hosting and extra disk space
$2 for every visitor who becomes an affiliate through Commission Junction
5% of all sales your referrals earn on this and other programs

  Sell your Anything & Everything!

.50 for every free classified ad placed through your link
80% of any paid ad placed through your link ($2 to $8 commission)
$2 for every visitor who becomes an affiliate through Commission Junction
5% of all sales your referrals earn on this and other programs

uBid.com - Click Here!

$5 for every person who clicks on your link and registers
$2 for every visitor who becomes an affiliate through Commission Junction
5% of all sales your referrals earn on this and other programs

uBid is the second largest online auction site and offers NEW products at up to 70% off retail!

Every time you send us a customer from your site, you earn up to 15% of each sale.

Earth's biggest bookstore is now also a great place to buy e-books, music, movies, electronics, software, video games, toys, tools, and gifts. Also items for lawn & garden, the kitchen, health & beauty. Great auctions too!

Half.com: buy/sell used books, music, movies,games

$5 for every purchase made by visitors to half.com 
$2 for every visitor who becomes an affiliate through Commission Junction
5% of all sales your referrals earn on this and other programs