I perform a variety of computer services for local St. Augustine, Florida customers:


According to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive involving 2,604 U.S. adult computer users, close to one out of every two people (46%) acknowledged losing important data to viruses or malfunctioning hardware or software due to not backing up their data. You could be next. It’s an indisputable fact that your hard drive WILL crash at some point during its life. Reduce your risk of data loss by regularly using an external backup system and virus protection. Protect your pictures, documents, files, music with one of our affordable backup systems!

Our price includes backup hardware and software / installation of backup hardware / installation and configuration of backup software / tutoring on how to use both / performing an internet security test to determine hacking risk / checking for proper virus protection.



People might be stealing your internet service! You may be at risk without realizing it. Unscrupulous persons can park on your street -- or your neighbors could be freeloading -- and use your internet to download illegal material (guess who’ll get arrested: you), view and/or steal your files, damage your computer, slow down your internet connection, etc. Properly configuring your equipment is essential for internet security. Let us perform this vital task for you! We offer a Computer Security System for just $36:

1.       A service call at your home at your convenience

2.       Configuring your equipment
     A. Setting up the firewall
     B.  Setting up and securing the WiFi
     C. Setting up passwords and encryption

3.       Installing an anti-virus program if you don't already  
    have this protection

4.       A quick check of your computer for further



Complete router package includes router, installation, setup and everything in the Computer & Internet Security Package described above.



It doesn't need gas, oil, or new tires. But your computer does need occasional maintenance … Without regular maintenance, your PC may flail, sputter, or even grind to a halt … The solution is simple: Keep your PC clean … performing a basic cleaning every two to three months could add years to the life of your PC.” -- PCWorld Magazine, March 2000

The electromagnetic energy inside the CPU naturally attracts dust and dirt into your computer. This layer of dust literally acts like a blanket on your PC's delicate electronics. Buildup over the course of months can clog the fans, causing them to seize and fail to operate -- resulting in an overheated system which will shorten the life of your computer. If allowed to worsen, it may cause erratic behavior, data errors, spontaneous reboots, and other intermittent problems; and in the worst cases, a PC can literally cook itself to death … translating into expensive repairs and/or data loss. You’ve invested a great deal of money in your computer system. Protecting it from the disastrous effects of dust and other contaminants would be a wise step.

Service includes: full removal of dust and debris from entire computer interior, cable detachment and reattachment, testing, cleaning exterior of case




Newbie information and techniques for basic operation of computer and programs. For example, copy/paste, email, organization, general maintenance tips, security issues, safe internet surfing, saving data, how to backup important files so they don’t disappear forever, Windows Explorer tips, antivirus protection, downloading, etc. I'll walk you through hands-on and demonstrate details about these and other subjects.  



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