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“It doesn't need gas, oil, or new tires. But your computer does need occasional maintenance … Without regular maintenance, your PC may flail, sputter, or even grind to a halt … The chips and circuits in your system have two mortal enemies: heat and corrosion. Excessive dust and grime can hinder the ventilating airflow through the PC's case and form a layer of insulation on the surface of chips. As a result, chips can overheat and decay prematurely … The solution is simple: Keep your PC clean … performing a basic cleaning every two to three months could add years to the life of your PC.”

PCWorld Magazine, March 2000


•  A noticeable improvement in running speed
•  Fewer interruptions from breakdowns
•  A reduction in repair costs 
•  A significant extension of longevity
•  Savings of potentially thousands of dollars on
…replacement equipment
•  An increase in resale value 



Just as regular oil changes and tune-ups will help keep your car healthy and extend its life, preventative maintenance for your computer will keep it running reliably, prevent disaster, and increase longevity. The most inexpensive maintenance involves keeping the interior components clean. Ask any qualified computer technician: he or she will tell you that it is critical for computers to be free of accumulated dust and grime. Unfortunately, the electromagnetic energy inside the CPU naturally attracts dust and dirt into the unit. This layer of dust literally acts like a sweater on your PC's delicate electronics. Buildup over the course of months can clog the fans, causing them to seize and fail to operate -- resulting in an overheated system. At best, excess heat will shorten the life of a PC; if allowed to worsen, it may cause erratic behavior, data errors, spontaneous reboots, and other intermittent problems; and in the worst cases, a PC can literally cook itself to death … translating into expensive repairs and/or data loss. How much dust is too much? Barely enough to see: .005 millimeters! That small an amount can raise the internal temperature of your components by 5%, which is enough to shorten the life of your system by years.

When office computers are malfunctioning, the day to day operations of your company are at risk. Computer downtime is costly! On average, one hour of downtime for a large company in the Professional Services industry can cost $532,510. Click here to see the average cost of downtime due to system failures, data loss, and so forth for various industries. Internally clean computers will increase productivity, allowing your business to do what it needs to do: earn money.

Other janitorial services do not have an intimate working knowledge of PC’s. If you ask them to clean the internal components of your computers, you will be directed to call a computer repair store and will pay a premium price for on-site service. Let First Coast Cleaners/Computer Cleaning Division give your company peace of mind at a delightfully affordable price. We will come to your office at a convenient time and perform our service with almost no interruption of your staff's normal business operations.

You have invested a great deal of money in your company's computer system, including protecting it from disasters such as fire and flood. Protecting it from the disastrous effects of dust and other contaminants would be a wise step.

You wouldn't dream of leaving your company's restrooms, lunchrooms, floors, or carpets filthy dirty. You spend a great deal of money keeping them clean. Imagine what an impact would be made if no maintenance was ever done in those areas. You can be sure a much more serious impact will be made if you fail to have internal maintenance performed on your company's computers.

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even for a one-time service. We also offer contract discounts for regularly scheduled service to help keep your company's computers healthy and happy.



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