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Do you lack the time or the knowledge to search for information you need? Can’t find the answer to an obscure question? I will put my advanced professional research skills to use and ferret out whatever you need to find. You may choose if you prefer to have the search results sent to you or if you want me to do the search myself and compile the material. There’s no limit to what is available. For example: phone numbers, real estate, medical info, vacation spots, company information, recipe databases, personality tests, freebies, quotations, automobile info, jokes, tables & charts, and the list goes on and on. Since the Internet is LIMITLESS, the information that can be found is also limitless. I'm also a Professional Finder, so information is not the only thing I know how to find. Looking for a buyer or seller of a peculiar item? I can help!

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97 Questions
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Since: February 2000
Service Description:  Author/professional researcher finds answers!
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"A wise person doesn't necessarily know all the answers, but knows where to find them!" With an array of special tools at my disposal, I can find information on obscure topics and present you with as much or as little as you wish, offering either the answer or the resources for you to locate the answer.

Strongest experience:

* job search (including resume creation and innovative techniques)
* the in's and out's of the internet
* self-employment / starting a home business
* online affiliate programs
* selling and buying on eBay
* health (including alternative and mental health)
* grief
* web shopping
* money saving tips in a wide variety of fields
* informational products
* the Bible and religion
* how-to
* marketing
* bartering
* self-publishing
* freelance editing
* photography
* finding people
* desktop publishing
* personal organization
* HTML language
* web design
* speech writing
* public speaking
* graphic design
* guinea pigs
* astronomy
* humor
* entrepreneuring
* travel
* music
* trivia
* etc....

NOTE: No adult, illegal, political, or defamatory topics will be researched.

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Very flexible.


Bible and religion research is free. Other topics are charged on a per-project basis. Price is determined by project size and difficulty. If I know the answer, you will be surprised how little you will be charged. I think you will find my fees extremely reasonable.

I will always charge you a fair price and exhaust all avenues to find what you need or to point you in the right direction. Thorough research is my forte, and my persistent drive delivers results.

I am sometimes open to bartering, so don't be afraid to inquire.

International clients are also welcome!


I have been involved in a full-time volunteer Bible educational teaching field for the past 29 years which entails researching difficult topics, tutoring, producing reports, presentations, and participating in and conducting question-and-answer sessions on a daily basis. My freelance writing jobs and businesses also require in-depth research skills. I have experience in providing over 30 different business services -- click here for details.


Author and publisher of The Job Seeker's Guide to Success, and Negotiator's Handbooklet. Freelance writer on a wide variety of topics, Bible teacher, online marketer, freelance editor, web designer.



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  tfields7     delta sigma theta   She is very quick and highly intelligent!
  faithful2     Vision Quest/Wild Men Mvm   Thank you for such a quick response.
  grayson     finding a friend   Research Hound was very efficient and I had an answer in 48 hours. I was given leads to
follow up on.


Here is a very small sampling of material
I have researched and delivered results on:

orangeptr.gif (202 bytes)How can I add a free search engine to my website in just a few steps?
orangeptr.gif (202 bytes)What is the worldwide figure for the number of people who use the Internet?
orangeptr.gif (202 bytes)How can I find someone's email address, home address, and other personal information?
orangeptr.gif (202 bytes)What is the estimated dollar size of the alternative medicine industry in the United States for the latest available year?
orangeptr.gif (202 bytes)What time does the moon rise in St. Augustine, Florida on any given day?
orangeptr.gif (202 bytes)How do I contact the FBI in Puerto Rico to find a missing person?
orangeptr.gif (202 bytes)Are there any complaints or recalls on the 1990 Ford Tempo?
orangeptr.gif (202 bytes)Does it matter what I wear when I visit a company to pick up a job application?
orangeptr.gif (202 bytes)What resources are available for a person who wants to quit smoking?
orangeptr.gif (202 bytes)How do I find annual reports and/or company profiles?
orangeptr.gif (202 bytes)What is the elevation of Louisville, Kentucky?
orangeptr.gif (202 bytes)What is iridology and how is it a more accurate means for diagnosis and prevention of health problems than avenues of traditional medicine?
orangeptr.gif (202 bytes)What recipes will enable me to use up all these tomatoes produced by my garden?
orangeptr.gif (202 bytes)What restaurants are near my hotel in Miami, Florida?
orangeptr.gif (202 bytes)How do I locate demographics, economic, and industry statistics?
orangeptr.gif (202 bytes)Is it possible to get regular prints made from photos taken with a digital camera? How much does the service cost?
orangeptr.gif (202 bytes)What hospitals are rated best in the country for open heart surgery?
orangeptr.gif (202 bytes)How do I find a list of associations?
orangeptr.gif (202 bytes)How can I get a motel room for less than the street price at popular hotels and motels in Richmond, Virginia?
orangeptr.gif (202 bytes)Is there anything I should NOT include in a resume?
orangeptr.gif (202 bytes)What was the purpose of the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden and why were Adam & Eve not allowed to eat from it or the Tree of Life?
orangeptr.gif (202 bytes)How do I find driving directions, mileage figures, and maps to a certain address in another state?
orangeptr.gif (202 bytes)What quotations would uplift someone who is battling low self-esteem?




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