How to Scan a QR code with your Smartphone  


You're seeing these funky squares all over the place now ... on billboards, in magazine ads, on business cards, in stores, etc. What are they? They're QR (Quick Reader) Codes -- hi-tech two-dimensional bar codes that Smartphones and other devices can scan and decode. When the image is scanned, the encoded message is able to be read by the user. The codes hold information such as a website URL, business card data that can be instantly downloaded into a Smartphone user's contact list / address book, a coupon, a photo, product information, restaurant menu, and more!

Some Android phones already have a built-in scanner, and most modern smartphones have free apps available on them to read these codes. We like QR Droid. If you have an iPhone, you'll also need to download a barcode scanner from the App Store. If you have a BlackBerry and are using BBM 5.0 or later, you should have a scanner option in your Messenger menu or find one in App World.

Once you have the reader, the steps are usually the same for all Smartphones:

Open the app, which will activate your phone's camera function.
Aim at the QR Code and hold the phone still for a few seconds while the camera focuses. Be sure the QR Code is on a flat surface and not at an angle. If there is another QR Code next to the one you're scanning, cover it with your hand or a piece of paper to be sure there won't be any overlap.
Wait to hear the beep indicating that the scan is complete (check to make sure this option is turned on in your settings).

Depending on your phone's settings, who created the QR Code, and what type of QR Code it is, what happens next will vary. For example, it may open a website URL, show you a contact card with clickable links to a website/email address, etc, or it may ask you if you want to take action such as downloading something.

Practice with the QR Codes at the top of this page! One is a digital business card for our Project Assistant On-The-Go Service with links (you also have the option to instantly add the data to your phone's contact list), another QR code takes you immediately to the Project Assistant webpage, another takes you immediately to the Project Assistant Facebook page, and another is a contact card for our web design service.

We offer a great, affordable QR Code creation service to individuals and businesses. These properly formatted codes will do a variety of things and some can be in color also. Plus, you can track the codes to see exactly how many times each one has been viewed! A vital feature we include is the ability to edit the information in your code at any time. Most QR Codes don't have this function, which means if any data changes (your phone number, the website address, etc) you have to create a new code. Imagine how expensive and inconvenient that would become once you've spread the code all over the place in your marketing materials, ads, and so forth -- the wrong data would be transmitted when someone scanned an old code. The codes WE create are capable of being edited, so you can change the information at will. Once they're created, they're good forever.

Here's our special offer:


Singles Double Codes
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Number of custom, ready to use, properly formatted, trackable and editable
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1 digital business card code
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1 digital business card code
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A link to display below your QR Code to inform newbies how to scan it
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each additional code:

One-Time Only Fee


If you own a business: for an additional fee, we can make a small sign to display at your place of business and/or flyers to give to your customers. These attractive materials will have your unique custom QR Code on them, and if any codes point to a location on the internet such as your Facebook Business Page or website, we'll also print the URL on the materials so that even people without a Smartphone will still be able to see the information. It's an extra boost to your advertising.

Think about how valuable this little technologically advanced tool is! Since 115 million Americans use Smartphones (that's 50% of all cell phone users) and this number is CONTINUING to grow exponentially, using QR Codes is a smart move in the 21st century. QR Codes are a great way to link the printed world with the digital world.

Here are just a few ideas on how to use them for your business:

display your restaurant menu
online ordering
special discount coupon
visit your website (ANY specific page you want to assign)
sign up for your newsletter / join your mailing list
show a map
product information
(whether you're selling cars, electronics, equipment, or anything ... The Home Depot uses QR codes on their flowers and plants, providing a way for people to get information on how often the plant is to be watered, how much light it needs, etc.)
business / store information
show instructions
play a YouTube video
play an MP3
make a payment
show photos
visit your social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.
"Like" your Facebook Business page
 (customers can scan it in and show you the special page on their phone for a discount)
call your phone number
send you an email
show contact data that's downloaded into the user's phone
show your testimonials
show your rates
show your portfolio -- perfect for photographers & artists
(if you're a professional event photographer, use these so people can find the online photo album of the event so they can buy your pictures)
customer service department
make a reservation
show your operating hours

Put QR Codes in or on:

your store window so that even when you're closed people can learn about you
sign(s) near your cash register area
(customers can scan it in and show you the special page on their phone for a discount)
business cards
print advertising
your website / social media profile
t-shirts, mugs, bags, advertising items
trade show materials
(especially on For Sale signs! Provide details, launch a video, more photos, etc.) 
television ads (get a WHOLE lot more bang for your buck -- pay for a 30 second commercial, for example, but if your QR Code is in the ad, consumers can scan it for tons of details)


A few ideas on how to use them for personal projects:

name tags
secret messages
greeting cards -- send people to your Facebook personal page
"we've moved" announcements -- your friends can easily get your new contact info
scavenger hunts
emergency contact information
share photos
share your Facebook page


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