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An innovative self-starter with strong researching skills, Deborah McGeorge’s specialty focuses on career subjects;   topics of interest include Internet, how-to, household and money saving tips, marketing, consumer issues, behavior and mental health, general health, and humor.

pointer.gif (352 bytes)  Author of the 160-page book The Job Seeker’s Guide to Success  as well as Negotiator's Handbooklet -- Strategies for Getting Better Wages, Perks and Benefits and many articles.

pointer.gif (352 bytes)  Regular guest contributor to Experience Required Newsletter.

pointer.gif (352 bytes)  My articles have been published in The Wall Street Journal’s National Business Employment Weekly, The Collegiate Recruiter, Bereavement magazine, Wings, and others.

pointer.gif (352 bytes)   Freelance photography available in conjunction with writing assignments.


Articles Business Letters
Brochures Personal Letters
News Releases Speeches
Website Content Manuals

I am also available for  freelance editing projects, transcription, desktop publishing, and a host of other business services as a Project Assistant On-the-Go.

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Website Maintenance & Design
Facebook Business Pages

Desktop Publishing / Graphic Design
Business Card Design & Printing
Resume Design
Slideshow / Video Creation



Search Engine & Directory Registration
Text Message Marketing
Email Marketing

Voicemail Broadcast Marketing
Direct Marketing Mailings & Research
QR Code Creation & Tracking



Typing/Word Processing
Online & Offline Form Creation
Undercover Competitor Research
Writing & Editing 

Freelance Photography
Reminder Service
Digital Scanning
Transcription Service


General Research Service
Internet Consignment

Electronic & Computer Recycling
Computer Cleaning (interior)

Computer Security
Computer Repair, Backup Systems
Basic Computer Tutoring
Office Cleaning & Window Cleaning
Litter Removal