Stop paying an arm and a leg for someone to create a website for you and keep it up to date! You'll find our rates affordable, MUCH less than what other companies charge.
We find that the most effective and practical websites are basic and simple. Many design companies focus too much on creating flashy, complicated sites ... when in reality, neat and uncomplicated web design is a key to success for any business. Your company's website should be easy to use, non-distracting, and should motivate visitors to become customers. It also must be search engine friendly so that people can FIND you -- would you open a great store in the middle of the desert and just hope customers will find you out there? We encode your site/store/blog with data the search engines look for and then
register it with search engines and directories to make sure you get noticed out there on the information superhighway! We'll also help you choose the best "address" for your new website.
We offer several options, depending upon your needs. Some clients need a full scale website to present the most professional appearance possible, others prefer a scaled-down version with less content, and others prefer options that enable them to edit and manage their content and layout in order to reduce costs. We're flexible and will help you determine what will work best for your business and your budget.

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