Slideshow Creation     


Basic Project Pricing Starts at $139

A "Basic Project" is an HD-quality digital video compilation of photos (up to 25) and/or video clips set to music.
Client supplies all the properly edited, copyright-free elements in high quality for us to professionally put together.
sharp, high resolution photos at minimums of 300dpi and 1000 pixels on at least one side; High Definition videos and high quality mp3ís)
Price includes light revisions of completed preview. Final product delivered electronically as an mp4 file*.

If you don't have qualifying elements to use for the project (i.e. photos, videos, voiceovers, script, music, etc.)
we will gladly find or create them for you at the rate of $39 per hour plus cost of materials, if any.

The $39 per hour rate also applies if: your materials must be edited in any way in order for the
quality to be suitable for use in the project; if you have more than 25 photos; and
 if you request more than light revisions when you receive the preview.

Everything will be spelled out in a written and signed Contract so both parties will be clear on the terms
of the agreement. If hourly fees apply, we'll update you as we go along so you can keep track of costs.


Here is a sample of a slideshow with other enhancements, along with a cost breakdown for reference:

Client's instructions for production of a video for his website:

A video clip of him singing and playing the chorus of an original song on guitar at the beginning, followed by a slideshow of St. Augustine photos with him playing guitar in the background while speaking, ending with another video clip of him singing and playing an original composition on guitar. On location at St. Augustine beach and pier.


Base price   $139.00 
Elemental work ($39/hr)
4 three minute video clips shot at 2 locations 1 hour $39.00
photography session shot at 2 locations 30 minutes $19.50
recording live music and client-supplied script for voiceover 30 minutes $19.50
post production (audio, video, photographic editing) 1 hour $39.00
YouTube package: creating YouTube/Google account,
uploading finished product, providing website embed code
30 minutes $19.50



*DVD (delivered or shipped): $25 + $1.63 Florida sales tax, each


I can also arrange for the creation of whiteboard animations:
(60 second videos starting at $169)


Contact me today for a discussion of your needs. 




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