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How To Reduce 
Your Junk Email (Spam)

It's like a scene out of the movie Groundhog Day. Every single day it's the same thing ... you sit down to check your email and are avalanched by a mountain of spam messages. Wading through this massive pile is such a pain, and you're fortunate to find 2 or 3 messages in this heap from people you actually care to hear from. Not to mention the disgusting subject lines you're forced to read just to hit the delete button.

Wish there was a way to cut down the flow of this annoying invasion of your personal computer? You're about to discover three ways to not only reduce the deluge but also how you can actually PROFIT from this junk mail and increase traffic to your website!

Four Ways to Reduce Spam

1. Get a web-based email account and use that address for everything you don't care about. We love gmail the best.

This is so valuable because you can now use it instead of your real email address any time you have to divulge your email address to the masses -- when filling out online forms, posting to newsgroups, etc. If you're using a web-based email service this way, you don't ever have to be bothered with spam from this account -- just don't check that email account. You can just forget about it ... but in a minute I'll show you how to make it work for you while you sleep to send a message back to each and every spammer. Now you can use your real address just when corresponding with the people you're actually interested in hearing from. This will significantly cut down the amount of spam in your Inbox.

2. Use the services of the Direct Marketing Association.

This consumer agency will enable you to remove your name from email lists. Also from postal mailing lists, and telemarketing lists ... all for free. 

3. Get Spam Arrest, a 100% effective solution for blocking automated junk emails. End the barrage of emails promising everything from lower mortgage rates to cheap prescriptions to enhanced, enlarged or improved body parts. Spam Arrest uses a combination of unique technology and a human touch to defeat the exponentially increasing problem of spam. Click above to see how this revolutionary technology will STOP ALL automated junk mail from ever reaching your Inbox! Click here for your 30-day free trial.

4. Ask your friends to help you.

Change your email address and send a tactful message to everyone in your email address book asking them not to share your new address with anyone without your permission and not to fill in your address on ANY online forms (such as "send this cool webpage/joke/gag to your friends -- enter their email address here", etc.). Let them know how crazy spam is making you and get their cooperation to cut down the flow of junk mail. Explain how Blind Carbon Copy works and ask them to use it any time they forward messages to you. 99% of people use an email system which has the Bcc feature. Here's how it works:

When you use regular Carbon Copy (Cc) or just hit "Forward", all the email addresses are displayed for everybody to see. For example: Your friend sends a message to you and two other people. Person #2, joeshmoe@toiletbowl.com forwards this message to 25 of his friends. He can now see YOUR address and so will each of the 25 people he forwards it to. Now 27 people have your email address. Person #3, webaddict@outofcontrol.net forwards this message to 40 of her friends, who in turn will each have your email address, so now 68 people (total strangers) have your address. And so on, and so on. Of course it doesn't usually stop there, because all THOSE people will probably forward it to every Tom, Dick, and Harry in their address books and now you can see why we're all getting so much spam .... because the addresses end up in the hands of solicitors and other people who are addicted to forwarding everything they get. Why would people want to do that to their friends?? The Blind Carbon Copy feature of email programs prevents the recipients from seeing anyone else's email address. Extending this simple courtesy will do everyone a favor!

Your friends may not be aware that they are contributing to your spam problem in this way. So kindly let them know, they should be glad to help you. Share this article with them if you'd like. And by the way, don't forget to "practice what you preach!"

How Spammers Get Ahold of Your Email Address 

There are several ways. As mentioned, anytime you fill out a form online -- whether it's a newsletter subscription, survey, request, setting up any kind of account, etc. -- your address is almost always sold to thousands of bulk email companies who spam you with their advertisements and who in turn will also sell your address to other companies. 

Also, if you own a website which contains your email address anywhere on it, automatic "harvester robots" extract it from your site and it is sold to bulk emailers. There are a few ways to outsmart these harvesters. Click here to get scripts you can put on your site to prevent this. They are located in the Programs & Scripts/Perl/Miscellaneous/Spam Prevention section and are free. Another way, much easier, is to not employ clear text for email addresses on your website. Instead, convert the characters of your address into browser readable Unicode because currently we are not aware of any address extractor bot capable of reverse-decoding in the Unicode standard. Click here for details and then click on fantomas mailShield™ for instant translation of your address into Unicode. Just insert this into the HTML of your webpage. The result is your email address will be sorted out as “undeliverable” by the extractor program. (By the way, it's recommended that you place your email address in just one place on your site, perhaps on a "Contact Us" page, rather than splattering it all over each page.)

Another way to outsmart the harvesters is if you have a photo editing program like Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop, just create your email address as a graphic rather than text. The harvester robots won't be able to extract it. It's simple to put this on a white background or whatever matches your site's background color. For example:   is a graphic image created this way.

An Innovative Way to Profit from your Junk Mail

Don't you just wish you could annoy spammers by sending THEM unwanted messages? Well, you can. And you can do it simply and for free. All you need is an autoresponder.

This is an address which either deletes incoming mail or forwards it to an anonymous address. Also known as an "automatic response" message, your autoresponder automatically e-mails your predefined message back to every person who emails you. Your hosting company may offer this service, but if not here are some solutions:

a. Get your own free autoresponder from GetResponse -- it's one of the best offers around. You get unlimited space to type your message, instant delivery, access to the email addresses of senders, etc. NOTE: If you own a business, this is a must-have because you can set up multiple accounts and have potential customers request information from you on any subject you want to promote. It will SKYROCKET your sales!

b. Sign up with one of the webhosting services described below -- an autoresponder comes with your very own website. 

c. Sign up with a web-based email provider that has a Vacation or Auto Reply feature -- Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Lycos, etc. Then you just set the dates for as long as is allowed (some sites let you do it for 6 months, others for 2 years, etc.) and let the auto reply do all the work. Be sure to write yourself a note to go back in and refresh the dates after the time limit is up so it will keep going indefinitely.

If you have your own website, this idea is even more attractive. When you set up your automatic response message, write up an ad for your services and include the URL to your website. The spammers who inundate you with junk mail will receive your ad! A great way to give them a taste of their own medicine and most importantly to generate extra traffic for your site. This little gem will work while you sleep to announce whatever product or service you mention in that auto response message.

If You Need a Website or Something to Advertise

Don't have a web presence yet? No problem! First, get a domain name (internet address) at GoDaddy.com - World's No.1 Domain Registrar . Then just sign up with one of these web hosting services for a FREE or LOW COST website of your own. The market continues to get more and more competitive, so some of the prices listed here may be outdated and have become even lower:

Bluehost Web Hosting $3.95

Best Web Hosting Plan! Free domain name, UNLIMITED space, transfer, and addon/parked domains – only $6.95 or less per month! -- BlueHost has won impressive awards for their service and value (view them on their "Awards" page.)

StartLogic. Free setup/domain, Web builder, unlimited emails, PHP, mySQL, CGI, FrontPage. From $5.95/month. Click Here for more info.

HostGator -- Unlimited Domain Hosting Only $9.95 a Month -- now under $4 per month!

$4.95/mo - Webhostingpad.com


PowWeb Hosting - Only $3.88/month for 1,500 GB!!


HostMonster - Perl, CGI, SSH, Free Domain

$3.95 Hosting From Dot5Hosting!


IXWebHosting.Com: $3.95/mo - Superior Service with Excellent 24/7 Toll Free Support, Live Chat, and Email. Linux AND Windows packages!!!

Hypermart --
LIMITED TIME OFFER: Get $10 toward future purchases (hosting charges, etc.) when you sign up! All you have to do is use the Promo Code "takecharge" to get your special bonus whether signing up online or by telephone.

MySiteInc -- 2MB of webspace, 2 forced banner ads and 1 pop-up window ad upon site exit, referral bonus when your referrals upgrade to a paid account. FREE. 

NOTE: After abundant research, we've discovered that it's impossible to find free webspace with no ads. If a service advertises that theirs is free, there is ALWAYS a catch. Consumer reviews overwhelmingly reveal that no-cost webhosting services are unreliable, undependable, and often permanently shut down individuals' sites without warning. The banner ads and popup ads are SO annoying it's not even worth the trouble anyway. You're much better off paying for the webhosting if you want and need good service and no downtime.

To build your site, you'll need a web editing program such as  Dreamweaver .

Don't have anything to advertise? No problem!
Click here for some easy ways to sell online without buying anything. You'll find more goodies to choose from than you'll know what to do with. And you can do it with literally just one page in cyberspace. Some people earn big chunks of extra income doing this. And don't miss THIS ... how to get 13 ready-to-move into websites with full sales content already in place to sell informational products that have helped thousands of people to earn full-time income online! Click here right now to see how to quickly and easily add this turn-key business to your site.

According to September 2014 figures published by Internet World Stats, a leading authority on internet usage statistics, 3 BILLION people in the world regularly use the Internet (40% of the world's population). So why not get a website of your own and start marketing something?!

Spread the Word

If enough people knew about these anti-spam techniques, it would not only save them a great deal of stress, but could also irritate spammers enough to put a real dent in their efforts. So pass this article on and let's do something about this nuisance! Spam costs Internet Service Providers and their customers millions of dollars in costly upgrades to combat this ever- growing problem. And now with all the poisonous viruses being sent to our Inboxes, now more than ever we need to protect ourselves.

The URL of this article is www.insidersecrets.info/reducespam.htm  Pass it on! If you have a website, feel free to create a link to this page for further exposure.

I hope these tips are helpful.


P.S. Here's a little bonus: 

Check out K7 Unified Messaging -- this number is automatic voicemail that will come into your emailbox but won't ring through your home phone. IT'S FREE! Customize your outgoing message too, something the other services don't offer for free. Great way to avoid disclosing your phone number online. Perfect for filling out forms or for using on your website.

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