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Digital Cookbooks, over 19,000 recipes!

Don’t you just hate how much space cookbooks take up in your kitchen? In this technical age, it makes so much more sense to have digital cookbooks stored on your computer instead! I use mine to come up with a week’s menu for my family in a flash.

We have purchased Master Reprint Rights from all over the world and can now offer this new bundled collection of e-cookbooks to you. You'll get over 19,000 recipes right at your fingertips, all on one CD ... for a measly $29.95 (plus shipping)! That's only about 30 CENTS per e-cookbook!!

Here are some reasons you need to buy today:

  • The e-cookbooks are in PDF, Microsoft Word, or .txt format, so they’re searchable by keyword … type in an ingredient, a dish, etc. and find recipes quickly.

  • Print out the recipe you need, either one at a time or several at once. (If you spill food on these recipes, simply print them off again!)

  • MANY of these ebooks link you to websites where you can get HUNDREDS more recipes!!

  • By making this purchase today, you own resell and/or giveaway rights to the products. Master Reprint Rights means that we can sell the product and sell others the right to sell the product. You can do the same.

  • Some of these ebooks come with their own sales pages so you can sell them individually if you want! That's a great way to make even MORE profit since you'll be selling them for much more than the 30 cents each you paid for them.

  • A print cookbook could never give you THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of widely-varied recipes for just $29.95! (How much did you pay for your last cookbook?)

Save time and space with this package of e-cookbooks! There's definitely something for EVERYONE. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 2 Restaurant Copycat e-cookbooks – Krystals/Whitecastle hamburgers, A&W Chili Dogs, Cinnabon rolls, Good Season’s Italian Salad Dressing, McDonald’s Big Mac, Outback Steakhouse Bloomin’ Onion, Red Lobster Cheese Biscuits, Shoney’s Country Fried Steak, York Peppermint Patties, Steak & Ale’s Hawaiian Chicken, Pizza Hut Pan Pizza, Boston Market Meatloaf, Chili's Calypso Cooler, International House of Pancakes (IHOP) Pancakes, Shake'n Bake, Olive Garden Pasta e Fagioli Soup, The Soup Nazi's Cream of Sweet Potato Soup (from that famous Seinfeld episode), Wendy's Chili, and lots lots more. Make ‘em at home just as good!

  • 370 cocktail/mixed drink recipes

  • Spanish e-cookbook

  • 120 Kids Fun recipes

  • 2 Camping/Outdoor e-cookbooks

  • Appetizers e-cookbook

  • Eggs e-cookbook

  • 2 Chinese e-cookbooks

  • 2 Sandwiches e-cookbooks

  • Barbeque e-cookbook

  • Quick & Easy Timesaving recipes e-cookbook

  • 65 Amish recipes

  • 2 Salad e-cookbooks

  • 330 Smoothies recipes

  • Summer Party Cooking e-cookbook

  • 2 Mexican e-cookbooks

  • 1000 Atkins Diet recipes

  • 500 Bread recipes

  • 2 Italian e-cookbooks

  • 2 Soup e-cookbooks

  • 2 Seafood E-cookbooks

  • Diabetic e-cookbook

  • 600 Chili recipes

  • Blue Ribbon recipes e-cookbook

  • 470 Crockpot/Slow Cooker recipes

  • Chicken e-cookbook

  • World recipes e-cookbook

  • Japanese e-cookbook

  • Lowfat recipes e-cookbook

  • 2 Cheesecake e-cookbooks

  • Indian e-cookbook

  • 2 Cajun e-cookbooks

  • E-cookbook Library -- assorted recipes

  • Bread E-cookbook

  • Cake E-cookbook

  • Camping E-cookbook

  • Chicken Wing -cookbook

  • Chocolate E-coobook

  • Coffee E-cookbook

  • Cookie E-cookbook

  • Dessert E-cookbook

  • Dip E-cookbook

  • Dog Treat E-cookbook

  • Dutch Oven E-cookbook

  • Carnival E-cookbook

  • Fondue E-cookbook

  • Frugal E-cookbook

  • Ice Cream E-cookbook

  • Jam E-cookbook

  • Jerky E-cookbook

  • Popcorn E-cookbook

  • Poultry E-cookbook

  • Pudding E-cookbook

  • Rib E-cookbook

  • Round Steak E-cookbook

  • Southern E-cookbook

  • Vegetable E-cookbook

  • Wild Game E-cookbook

  • 3 Craft E-cookbooks (play dough, finger paint, etc.)

  • Gift Jar E-cookbook

  • Bath and Body recipes -- over 250 of:
        Body Powders
        Body Soaps/Scrubs
        Perfumes/Body Sprays
        Facial Soaps/Cleansers/Masks
        Lip Balms
        Teeth Care
        Nail Care
        Eye Care
        Injuries & Sore Muscles
        Massage Oils
        Essential Oils

BONUS: The Library of Cooking – 5 volumes of expert cooking tips! And a Weight Watchers e-cookbook in GERMAN.

e-cookbook package on CD:
$29.95 + $3 shipping

And remember, by making this purchase today, you own resell and/or giveaway rights to the products ... which means you can just COPY this CD and sell it too, over and over again!!

Can you really afford to pass this offer by? At this amazing price, what have you got to lose?




If paying with PayPal AND you want to download the package of
e-cookbooks instead of getting them on CD within 24 hours, click this yellow button: