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Enjoy this collection of some of 
my favorite spots in cyberspace!


Barnes & Noble -- save on books, music, software and gifts. Online reviews and sound clips of music help you make the right purchases.  You can even buy Starbucks coffee
CameraWorld.com -- youíll find a wide selection of sharply discounted photo, video and home electronics equipment. (The best combination of low prices and great service for more than 20 years.) A nice plus is when you buy qualifying products through them, you'll earn 1% of your purchase as a credit toward future purchases
How to Keep an Idiot Busy -- send this to your friends by email ... they'll love it
The Friends Zone -- lots of fun stuff about the TV show Friends ... photos, episode guides, etc.
Seinfeld Quotes -- organized by episode.  Seinfeld fans will laugh themselves silly
All-Yours Digital Postcards -- send a virtual postcard to anyone in the world!  Choose from hundreds of photos, backgrounds, music clips, and more. Fully customizable

Banner 10000072 Travel for less anywhere, anytime -- even at the last minute! Hotwire Hot-Fares and Hot-Rates get you FANTASTIC travel deals from leading airlines, hotels and rental car companies, fast and easy. Hotwire negotiates special deals with leading airlines, hotels, and car rental companies -- names you know and trust. All the research is done for you. See the savings for yourself! Check a low Hot-Fare now!

Urban Legends and Folklore -- before you forward email messages announcing incredible offers, urgent alerts, etc, check this site first.  Almost every single one is really a hoax, and this will verify the accuracy of current Internet rumors so you spare yourself the embarrassment of forwarding bogus messages to everybody you know.  For example: "forward this message to as many people as possible and win a free car from Honda / win $5,000 from Bill Gates and Walt Disney, Jr." ... and of course the public panic notices about toilet spiders, kidney thieves, etc.
My Points -- get points that can be used for buying products and services.  MyPoints are earned by touring websites, signing up for merchant offers, referrals, reading email offers, taking surveys, etc.  Choose your favorite methods.   When enough points are accumulated, cash them in for gift certificates at restaurants, gasoline cards, movies, sports equipment, travel, and more
Remember To -- valuable reminder service.  Write your message and specify the date you wish to receive the reminder by email
How Stuff Works -- for the hopelessly curious.  Ever wondered how popcorn pops, how a chicken wraps the shell around the egg, what's in moth balls, how far away the horizon is, what causes an ice cream headache, and other of life's grand mysteries?  This guy's got all the answers
Oprah.com -- you'll find a wealth of information here, especially in the archives. Lifestyle management, relationships, Dr. Phil, online journaling, worksheets, message boards, newsletter,  O Magazine, and lots more!
HotBraille.com -- the leading provider of web-based communication tools for the visually impaired, their friends and family. Here you can send Braille letters, learn the Braille alphabet, meet new people, and connect with over 12,000 other HotBraille members
Research-It! -- one-stop reference desk ... search through Webster's dictionary, rhyming dictionary, thesaurus, translator, quotations, Bible search, maps, online phone directories, zip codes, currency converter, and more
Screen It! -- entertainment reviews for parents and the conscientious.  Detailed preview descriptions of any content of movies, music and videos which may be offensive;  i.e.: violence, drug/alcohol use, immorality, profanity, bad attitudes, frightening scenes, etc.  Also explains why a certain movie or video was given the rating PG, PG-13, or R
Epicurious Food: Recipe File -- search their database of over 7600 recipes by keyword or category.  Got a bumper crop of tomatoes and have no clue what to do with them?   Having a backyard party and need some grilling ideas?  Get help here ... fast
Medical Dictionary -- searchable treasure chest of medical information
Master Clock -- what time is it really, anyway?
The Ultimate White Pages -- find someone's phone number and address on this multiple-search page.  Type the criteria in the first column, and the form automatically fills out to check 6 directories at once.   Also search by phone number, or do a map or email address search
The Weather Channel -- get forecasts for any U.S. or foreign city and up-to-date weather news
Sun or Moon Rise/Set Table -- exact times for your city.  Don't miss the moon rising if you live on the east coast of the United States -- it's spectacular to see it rise from where ocean meets sky!  Sit on the beach and enjoy the show
Meteor Shower Page -- about 10 times per year, watch the night sky for shooting stars.   Find a dark part of town, lay on the ground and look up.  You'll be amazed at the streaks of color some of these meteor showers produce.  Collect a bunch of friends for a few hours and shoot the breeze while the stars shoot across the sky
TV Guide -- wondering if The Brady Bunch is still on and when to tune in?  Search here
Ann Landers Archive -- search for specific "advice" from her columns
Dog Owner's Guide Topic List -- everything you could want to know about man's best friend
Acme Pet Directory - Cats -- all you ever wanted to know about our feline friends
InterTran -- translate words, phrases, or entire webpages into your choice of hundreds of languages
Desktop publishing resources -- desktop publishing is all about training and imagination. Projects that you thought were impossible are made simple with Adobe software. Visit this site to find out how to get valuable training in Adobe that will transform your skills.
www.Birth-Cards.com -- personalized birth announcements, pregnancy announcements, photo birth announcements, baby announcements, adoption announcements, birth cards, baby cards, thank you cards for baby, twins, triplets, multiples. Same day printing & shipping. Check out their special offer for 10 FREE cards!
Traditional Finishes -- a Florida-based company specializing in venetian stucco and other artisan plasters to create an elegant finish on your walls, and more.

CDnow -- the best way to purchase music, movies, and gifts.   You can even earn points on purchases, hear sound clips of songs before you buy the CD, choose to order online, etc.
Killer Guitar Chords -- look up any chord, even an obscure one, and find a diagram of many options of how to play it. Wish I had found this a long time ago!
Online Guitar Archive (OLGA) -- search this database for any song to learn how to play the chords. Tablatures are given for over 1,400 songs, plus this site contains over 50 links to other tab sites. So chances are you'll be able to find what you're looking for
Crossroads -- learn to play guitar or enhance your current skill with this innovative online learning center. Live online lessons, streaming video, tablature, and more. Choose the exact lessons you want or purchase a package. Get 2 free lessons just for stopping by! You don't need to read music in order to benefit from the lessons
Rock & Pop Lyrics -- a list of 44 sites where you can find song lyrics
The Woodrow -- a unique handcrafted stringed instrument anyone can play with ease, whether or not you have musical skills! Check out photos and sound clips ... I have one of these myself, and the mastermind behind it is a friend of mine

Personality Tests:
(it's fun to compare results with friends, your spouse, etc.)

First: Keirsey Temperament Sorter -- answer questions to determine your personality type
         Keirsey Character Sorter -- answer questions to determine your character type

... more online tests:
How Smart are You? PhD-Certified Free IQ Test  -- lots of fun tests here!

Tests, Tests, Tests -- take inventory of your personality, attitude, emotional health, relationships, and more
BrainTainment Center -- I.Q. tests, Memory Improvement, and lots of info about that gray matter
Self-Discovery Workshop -- a 13-minute I.Q. test, exercises to improve awareness and intelligence, huge database of self-help websites
Bible Knowledge Quiz -- test how much you know about the world's best-selling book. Guaranteed to prompt you to blow the dust off your Bible and peek inside!

Favorite vacation spots:
Bermuda -- a friendly paradise of pink beaches, coral reefs, guest houses and mopeds
Niagara Falls -- a breathtaking adventure!  The Canadian side of the falls plunges 170 feet, and on the American side, ride the Maid of the Mist boat which cruises to the base of the falls.  You'll be struck with wonder at this marvelous creation
The Azores -- an archipelago of 9 Portuguese volcanic islands located smack in the middle of the Atlantic, rich with beauty and culture.  Sao Miguel is my favorite (ok, I'm a little biased since this is where my entire family originated) with its Caideira das Sete Cidades, Furnas Valley, and other unique sights

Serious stuff:
Crisis, Grief, and Healing -- many valuable resources such as an honor page where people share their grief experiences and memories, a discussion forum, tips on healing, and how to help the bereaved
Bible Gateway -- search for any word in the Bible, choosing from 7 different versions and 10 languages.  Also search the Bible by topic
Free Yourself -- a breakthrough discovery of how the brain works is the key to eliminating depression, stress, emotional trauma, fatigue, and a host of physical illnesses.  Learn how to get control of your life and get to the root causes of what makes you tick

For webmasters:
First Look Design Group -- they will host your website for as little as $4.95 per month. Be sure to mention that you found out about them from our site! They host small to medium-sized business sites, Non Profit sites, and Community Interest sites. First Look also helps you drive traffic to your site and has numerous extra perks for Florida clients
The Free HomePage Guide -- your first stop if you want to create a presence on the Internet.  Contains a very well-organized breakdown of more than 100 free homepage providers along with a comparison chart.   Includes material in other languages
Clip Art Searcher -- looking for an image of an orangatan for your website?  Need a really cool email button?  This will help you sift through the pile (be sure any images you select are free for public/commercial use, though)
500,000 FREE!!! Cool Graphics -- royalty-free graphics for your home page
Web Links Design -- a compendium of tips on topics ranging from how to construct your website to promotional secrets. Free images and tools for your site are also offered
Web Site Garage -- gives your site a diagnosis and tuneup.  Discover how it rates in terms of load time, browser compatibility, HTML design and many other details
VirtualPROMOTE -- tutorials on building traffic to your website, listing of 500 submission sites, forums, and more

self-promote.gif (2179 bytes) -- submit your website to over 100 search engines, indexes, and cool site collections for free with just one form!  Added feature:  potential to generate a little income on the side.  Highly recommended

Add Me!   @Submit!-FREE Promotion   

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Earn money with your website by linking to the web's top merchants.   Free access to and participation in the affliliate programs of over 400 merchants


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