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Congratulations, you’re about to save a fortune, and maybe even generate a fortune ... in my travels as a Professional Research Consultant, I've found these little-known gems that I'm passing along to you. Enjoy!!


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If you're looking for a particular item, find it easily by simultaneously holding down the control ("Ctrl") and "F" keys  on your keyboard to create a search box. Then type in a keyword.

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pointer.gif (352 bytes)  Free ebook!  Guide to Cashing in on eBay

Don't miss this valuable tool if you plan to start or grow an eBay business. This course will teach you the step by step system that will enable you to eclipse the income of the average individual, and depending on your effort, a whole lot more!

What You Need to Know Before Getting Started
5 Easy Steps to Posting Your First eBay Auction
An eBay Seller's Checklist
What's Your eBay Reputation Really Worth?
10 Steps to Successful Selling on eBay
How to Think Like an eBay PowerSeller
Choosing the Right eBay Product Category
Tips on Writing Your eBay Title
eBay Description Writing Tips
10 Tips for Increasing Your eBay Response
The eBay Glossary


pointer.gif (352 bytes) FREE SPEED READING COURSE

Valuable and fascinating information on how to read faster, improve comprehension, and remember more of what you read! You'll be surprised how simple these tools are and at the nice side effect of greater creative thinking which results. A must-have for business owners, students, and  anyone who finds reading a frustrating chore.
This is a FASCINATING course which has helped me and helped me in teaching an illiterate adult how to read.


The speed reading courses are part of an incredible package of over 7,000 informational products on everything from starting and running a successful online business to how to quit smoking to time management to secrets of selling on auctions, etc. Click here to see if anything else tickles your fancy and to find out how you can sell and/or give away any or all of these thousands of items yourself! Get them for PENNIES each. You absolutely WILL NOT believe your eyes ...

pointer.gif (352 bytes)  A free phone number for making and receiving calls and texting -- Google Voice

Perfect for when you don't want to give out your home number, etc. You can set up this free telephone number to either ring your real phone number OR to always go to voicemail/text so you never have to hear it ring. With this account you can text from your computer too (which is so much faster and easier than using a tiny cell phone keyboard and screen). If you're in the USA, you can make free domestic phone calls and even international calls at a massive discount -- for example: call a landline in Italy for just 1 cent per minute!

pointer.gif (352 bytes)  How to find people in your town who want to give things away (and how to get rid of your stuff too)

You won't believe this ... there are actually people in over 5,000 towns and cities around the world who are so benevolent they offer FREE items they want to get rid of. So if you have things collecting dust but don't want to bother taking it to a thrift store for donation, or don't want to bother selling it, you can post an offer on this online network. AND, if you want to just get free stuff, you can post a want ad on this network and people will contact you to arrange pickup! Chances are, you'll find your town on the list. (My small city is, with over 1,650 members.)

The Freecycle Network is nonprofit organization whose mission includes keeping good stuff out of landfills and helping strengthen local gifting & recycling communities. It's made up of people who are giving (& getting) stuff for free in their own towns. Membership is free, and so are the goods.

The Freecycle Network was founded in May 2003 to promote waste reduction in Tucson, Arizona and, in doing so, help save desert landscape from being taken over by landfills. It has since grown to encompass over 125 countries and hundreds of thousands of "freecyclers" across the globe (currently 8 million). Freecycle provides individuals and non-profits an electronic forum to "recycle" unwanted items. Spread the word!

I absolutely LOVE Freecycle and frequently use it to get free stuff and re-home unwanted stuff. It's fun for cheapskates like me who also deeply want to help the environment.


ABCFree  -- works the same way, except they give schools in the community first crack at the item posted on the site. That way, if someone gives away a computer, a local school might get it and all the kids in that school could benefit. They also give a substantial portion of revenue to schools.


(scroll down on that page)


Republic Media offers the best deals on wireless plans and phones! "What if you could get a top-tier, current-model smartphone with all the bells and whistles, and pay between $5 and $40 a month for unlimited voice, text and data? And there's no contract required." -- The Wall Street Journal. Additional positive reviews from CNet, USA Today, PC Mag, The Washington Post, and more.

UNLIMITED TALK / TEXT / DATA over WiFi -- $5 per month
UNLIMITED TALK / TEXT over WiFi + Cell and UNLIMITED DATA over WiFi -- $10 per month
UNLIMITED TALK / TEXT over WiFi + Cell and UNLIMITED DATA over WiFi + On-Network 3G --
$25 per month (4G is $40 per month)

pointer.gif (352 bytes)  cheapest home phone landline (Voice Over IP)* --  VOIPo - Unlimited Residential VoIP from $8.25/Mo

SPECIAL OFFER (LIMITED TIME PROMOTION): $6.21 per month! 30 day money back guarantee.

We have been using VOIPo for several years and can't believe how much money we save! In our city, a home phone landline with AT&T or Comcast costs $30 per month with 8-12 calling features. We're saving $285 every year with this service and getting more features. Unlimited, free calling to USA and Canada. You also get 60 free minutes of international calling each month to over 40 countries.

Caller ID w/ Name
Call Waiting w/ ID
Three Way Calling
Call Forwarding
Call Blocking
Do Not Disturb (turns off the ringer & sends calls to voicemail)
*67 Outbound Caller ID Blocking
*69 Call Return
Transfer In Your Current Number
Telemarketer Block
Choose Your Own Area Code
Keep Your Number If You Move
Amazing Customer Service
Portable VoIP Device
Softphone Access
e911 Service
711 Service
411 Directory Assistance
Custom Incoming Caller ID
Text Messaging
Contacts List
Online Call Logs
Unlimited Speed Dial
Advanced Voicemail
View Voicemails Online
Voicemails E-Mailed
Voicemail SMS Notifications
Distinctive Ringtones
Virtual Numbers
Virtual Number Voicemail Boxes
Network Failover Forwarding
Custom Inbound Call Routing
Custom Outbound Call Routing
Inbound SIP Address Routing
Outbound SIP Address Routing
Simultaneous Ring
Control Features by SMS
7, 10, and 11 Digit Dialing

Have you ever seen so many great features on a home phone service? For example, Custom Inbound Call Routing feature allows you to set up specific actions for any phone number(s) you specify, such as always go to voicemail, or always busy signal, etc. And can you believe you can send and receive texts at your home number? Cool!

VOIPo was started by Timothy Dick (formerly the Vice President of hostgator.com) in 2006 and has grown exponentially every year. In 2014 they made Inc. Magazine's fastest growing private companies in the US. VoIPo has big plans for 2015 and is working on improving their existing services as well as adding new products. VOIPo is here to stay. Give VOIPo it a try !

* Voice Over IP technology enables you to make and receive calls over the INTERNET instead of a telephone line, as long as you have a high speed internet connection (minimum of 256 kilobits per second).

pointer.gif (352 bytes) Get Paid To Process Text Messages -- how would you like to earn $470 per day??

How would you like to earn extra cash, possibly even earn a living at home, processing text messages from incoming Mobile Media Applications?
No experience necessary. You won't have to talk to anyone or do direct selling. You can work from home or wherever you have a computer, mobile phone, internet access, and a valid email address.

You will be paid $47 for each text message you process, instantly into your PayPal account. (Do 10, get $470  ... do 20, get $940, etc!) 
All texts are incoming ... you'll never be sending texts, just receiving and processing them, which is quick and simple. You can choose to work full time or part time. The amount of money you earn is entirely up to you, it depends on the amount of time and effort you want to put in. The average person makes approximately $1,800 - $2,700 per week. You can even work this job if you live outside the USA.

You will receive an orientation package which includes training videos, work materials and step by step VERY detailed easy instructions on how to do the work and process the text messages. Everyone who orders the orientation package will also be eligible to work as a Mobile Media Manager. The orientation materials include complete training on that career as well. The Mobile Media Manager position is completely optional for you, but available for you if you wish to move forward with it and earn even more.

Learn more about the $470 per day Text Message Processor job by clicking here.

Or, if you're ready to order your Orientation Package right now, click here and get started on earning your $470 per day, for as many days as you wish!



pointer.gif (352 bytes)  Get money back on your eBay purchases AND other stuff too!

1%-3% back on eBay auctions or Buy It Now purchases for most categories
Get a $5 bonus the first time you use this!
You'll also get up to 30% cash back at other popular online retailers (over 2,000 stores) 
Refer A Friend: you'll also get 20% of their rebates whenever they join and shop through Mr. Rebates

1% cash back at eBay plus other eBay deals
Featured stores offer as much as 10% cash back, while certain stores can get you discounts from coupons as well as cash back
Earn a generous referral commission when other people join and shop
Over 2,600 popular online retailers


A percentage of seller fees in cash back on eBay auctions and Buy It Now items
You'll also get cash back at other popular online retailers (over 1,250 stores)  and earn extra cash when other people shop
Big Crumbs splits THEIR commission with you 50/50!

You earn CrumbShares whenever you or your referrals earn cash back through BigCrumbs.
So, if BigCrumbs is bought by another company, you'll earn a percentage of the cash sale amount, based on your CrumbShares!!

Click here for details on BigCrumbs, the web's best-kept secret!


pointer.gif (352 bytes) Get unbeatable deals on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in your area -- GROUPON.

Coupons are available for different cities all over the world, even yours! Why pay full price when you go out to eat or to be entertained? Plus, for every friend you refer, you'll get $10 in Groupon Bucks!

Groupon negotiates huge discounts on all kinds of popular local goods, services, food, events, etc. Then they offer the deals to thousands of subscribers in a free daily email. The deals are activated only when a minimum number of people agree to buy. So subscribers get a great deal and the business gets a ton of new customers. Win-win situation.

For example, one of my favorite local St. Augustine restaurants had a Groupon for $15 worth of food for just $7. So I bought the $7 Groupon, which is better than a buy one get one free deal. Saved a ton on a yummy lunch for two I was going to buy anyway!

pointer.gif (352 bytes)  2 credit cards that will pay you CASH BACK on your purchases (no annual fee, either)!

We've searched high and low online and offline, and these are among the ONLY credit cards that refund a percentage of everything you charge. You'd be crazy not to own a credit card like this!

Bank of America Cash Rewards Visa

  • 1% cash back on purchases everywhere, every time
  • 2% at grocery stores and 3% on gas for the first $1,500 in combined grocery store and gas purchases each quarter
  • No expiration on rewards and no changing categories to follow so you know how you're earning rewards
  • No annual fee
  • 0% APR for the first 12 months
  • Online-exclusive: $100 cash rewards bonus after making at least $500 in purchases in the first 90 days of your account opening
  • Choose how you want to receive your cash: into a Bank of America® checking or savings account, a statement credit, or a check in the mail
  • Fraud protection
  • Text Banking -- get the account information you need quickly by text. Simply send a text message and you'll get a reply in seconds
  • Chip Cards -- chip technology for enhanced security and protection when making purchases at chip-enabled terminals

  • and more!

PLUS! A fantastic feature of this card IF you also have a Bank of America online bank account is ShopSafe -- on any transactions you wish, you can generate a temporary credit card number that links directly to your real credit card account number. Your actual card number remains completely private and protected, and you set the limit and expiration date! Perfect for signing up for things and making it impossible for a dishonest company to auto-bill your card. Just set the limit for $2 or any number you want and they won't be able to get a penny more without your permission.


(PayPal is the internet's #1 online payment service for buying and selling. Your account comes with a debit card that can be used like a MasterCard credit card for online and offline purchases. Every time you do so, you get 1% cash back!)

Here's a little secret for how to get the most spending power out of cash back credit cards -- use them for every purchase you possibly can ... at the gas station, at the grocery store, etc. Also, find out how many of your monthly bills can be paid by credit card (such as utilities, etc.). Rack up as much as possible on this cash back credit card, then PAY OFF THE BALANCE EVERY MONTH so there's no interest charge. One bill at the end of the month covers all our expenditures, so there's much less check writing and better organization, too. We receive hundreds of dollars back annually this way.  It's sort of a way to beat the system -- no interest, and the credit card company pays YOU to use their card which not only simplifies your paperwork but also puts money in your pocket!

pointer.gif (352 bytes)  Win MORE eBay auctions with Auction Sniper!! 3 FREE Snipes

Auction Sniper is an eBay sniper that automates the process of placing your eBay bid in the closing seconds of any eBay bidding auction, dramatically increasing your chance of winning! Auction Sniper is free to try. Since they snipe eBay from their servers, your computer doesn't even have to be on and there is no complicated software to learn. Don’t let your work or leisure time get interrupted by a closing auction. Let Auction Sniper do the work for you and help you WIN, and at a lower price than if you were to get into a bidding war!

The Bid Groups feature allows you to bid on the same item from different sellers. As soon as you win one auction at the price you want, Auction Sniper will automatically cancel the rest of your bids.

After winning your first auction this way, you’ll never eBay bid the same way again. You've GOT to try it ... click on the link above and get THREE FREE SNIPES ANYTIME!

pointer.gif (352 bytes) $10 off at Vistaprint

Vistaprint can help you create and customize marketing materials for your business --business cards, magnet, note cards, sticky notes, websites, postcards, banners and more. You'll be amazed what you can design even if you have no graphic experience! They make it simple and affordable. And now it will be EVEN MORE AFFORDABLE with your special $10 off coupon! All work is Absolutely Guaranteed, Every time. Any reason. Or they'll make it right.
pointer.gif (352 bytes)  Special discount coupons for Office Depot/Office Max office supply store -- in-store, online, or by phone

Save up to 20% on Office Depot Brand Ink/Toner vs. National Brands

Free $15 Office Depot® Gift Card when you buy an HP Toner Multipack Plus rewards members save even more

Celebrate Pink Ribbon -- 20% off select office essentials

pointer.gif (352 bytes) Special discount coupons for Staples office supply store -- in-store, online, or by phone

(Most Office Max and Office Depot stores accept competitor coupons too!)
pointer.gif (352 bytes)  Special discount coupon codes for Half.com

Buy books, music, movies, DVD's, games, trading cards, sporting goods, computers, software,  toys, garden items, home & family items, jewelry, musical instruments, office furniture & equipment, tools, and electronics for half off or less!

pointer.gif (352 bytes) Unadvertised coupons for popular merchants
You’ll wonder how you ever got along without these sites!)

This site provides literally HUNDREDS of online coupons that aren't advertised to the general public.  Want $10 off a $10 purchase at Spiegel? 15% off at Sharper Image? $30 off at Staples with free shipping? $30 off at CarParts.com? It's all here, special deals from over 500 popular online stores, including Walmart.com, Target.com, and more. Also select local coupons for grocery savings in your town, 100% freebie deals, and much more.

Here you'll find
the largest collection of printable coupons available! Get your coupons before hitting national retail stores, restaurants, and grocery stores. 795 merchants are in their network. Many of these are coupons I've never seen advertised anywhere. Just a few currently on the site: Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Bath & Body Works, Eddie Bauer,  Glamour Shots, Hallmark, Lord & Taylor, Midas,  Payless Shoes, S&K Men's Store, Sears, Sharper Image, Staples, Target, ToysRUs, Waldenbooks, Baskin Robbins ice cream, Subway, Chuck E Cheese pizza, and so much more!! Plus special offers for local Entertainment books, etc. There are also some online coupon codes for internet purchases.

The best online discount codes to over 3,000 retail stores to help you save on everything from clothing and groceries to flowers and sporting goods. What makes coupongirl.com stand out from the others is that it's really easy to use and all of the coupons are tested often to verify that they are still working.

Hot Coupon World Grocery Stores Forum
Everything you ever wanted to know about ANY grocery store, including secret deals, how to get free coupons on the products you buy, how to use competitor coupons at other stores, and so much more! Look around this website and also find national chain store forums for Target, etc plus drug stores, home improvement stores, pet stores, and so much more! Plus rebates, coupons, samples, freebies, etc.

pointer.gif (352 bytes)  Find freebies, samples, etc.

Freebie Finder is an automated free stuff aggregator. It is designed to collect free stuff offers from top freebie sites, while filtering out most scams and referral pyramids. Your feedback on freebies is used to improve the listings. It updates every few hours.
pointer.gif (352 bytes) Special coupons for Amazon.com

Special sales, etc. Earth's biggest bookstore is now also a great place to buy e-books, music, movies, electronics, software, video games, toys, tools, and gifts. Also items for lawn & garden, the kitchen, health & beauty. Great auctions too.

You can always find current codes by doing an internet search on the phrase Amazon.com and coupons

pointer.gif (352 bytes) Free places to post items you want to buy so millions of people can see your request:



pointer.gif (352 bytes)  The Find

Find every product from every store, every coupon, and every review. Everything you need to decide quickly what to buy and where to buy it. TheFind is the vertical search engine for shopping that puts every product, every store, every sale, coupon and discount, right at your fingertips. No matter what it is you're looking for, you can quickly find the lowest price, the best deal, the perfect gift, or that hard-to-find item. TheFind crawls the entire Web and with its patented search technology helps shoppers discover everything that online shopping, local shopping, and green shopping have to offer. Over 500 million products from more than 500,000 stores and online merchants are currently universally accessible through TheFind.com, TheFind Mobile, and TheFind iPhone App.

pointer.gif (352 bytes) What's on sale in stores this week?

SalesCircular.Com provides information about products advertised by local retail stores in 45 states every week, so you can compare prices and get the best deal! Product categories currently covered include consumer durables, electronics, computers, software and peripherals, etc. Stores include Walmart, KMart, Best Buy, Sears, Radio Shack, and more. Also find out about current rebates for further savings.

pointer.gif (352 bytes)  Payless shoe store and/or online coupons

Sign up to receive emails and get discounts, such as 15% off your next purchase.
FREE in-store delivery of online purchases.
They usually have buy one / get one half price sales, too.

pointer.gif (352 bytes)  WIN FREE Pet Food for ONE YEAR, and SAVE 10%!

PetFoodDirect specializes in meeting your needs as a pet owner. They carry over 13,000 products for dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, birds, small animals and fish all delivered to your door! With over 550 brands to choose from, you’re sure to find what your pet needs and wants.

Here are some additional PetFoodDirect.com coupons

pointer.gif (352 bytes)  Shopping by swapping

The most incredible way to save money is by BARTERING! Click above to go to a marketplace currently offering over 80,000 items up for trading by over 200,000 members. Got a product or service? Then you can offer it to the tens of thousands of people out there who love shopping by swapping! CD's, sports items, jewelry, movies, computers, antiques, collectibles, and even vehicles are up for barter on Swap Ace and lots more. Get in on this and ride this wave, it's TOTALLY FREE in every way! You may find you enjoy this even better than online auctions.

Click here to see over 200 items I currently have up for bartering

pointer.gif (352 bytes) Deals on cell phone and tablet accessories

Save 5% of your order using this coupon code on cellz.com. No restrictions applies. Offer ends soon!
Save 15% on all orders above $30 by using this coupon code. Visit cellz.com now, apply the coupon code and get 15% off & free shipping.


pointer.gif (352 bytes)  How to have a doll created to look like a special child in your life!

This custom-designed doll is SURPRISINGLY affordable, you won’t believe it! You can even preview how the doll will look before it goes into production. This would make an amazingly unique gift for a little person OR for someone who would love to have a doll that looks like they did when they were a child! And as if that weren’t enough, get 10% off any order for you and/or your friends with their Refer-A-Friend program.



pointer.gif (352 bytes) Free one-on-one coaching session with an expert budgeting consultant

Money for Life gives readers a simple, proven, no-gimmick system anyone can use to regain financial health. The Money4Life™ Coaching Program (a paid upgrade) is a customized financial program specially designed for you by our Certified Budgeting Coaches. We’ll give you the tools and accountability you need to help build an emergency fund, pay off debt, develop cash savings, and lay the groundwork for your retirement.

pointer.gif (352 bytes) Free budgeting software -- Mvelopes

Manage your credit card spending! Recover 10% of your income from hidden spending! Introducing Mvelopes -- a revolutionary online personal budgeting system that allows you to easily manage your finances and control your spending. The Mvelopes system will automatically retrieve your transactions from your bank, credit union, or credit card company to make it easy. Manage your money better!




pointer.gif (352 bytes) Free videos: Drop Ship Focus (previously sold for $97)

If you're running a home business or thinking about starting one, you can't afford to waste time on mistakes or wrong information, especially during these tough times! You'll get FREE access to over 12 hours of powerful interviews with experts in eCommerce and the wholesale industry.

pointer.gif (352 bytes) Free ways to earn money with your website ... AFFILIATE PROGRAMS

It's as easy as just placing a link or banner somewhere on your site. Choose from nearly 2,000 popular merchants who are willing to share their profits with you and are asking for your help. There's no limit to the commission you can earn!! SELL WITHOUT BUYING.

* Generate residual revenue from your online presence by referring buyers -- at no cost to you.
* Drive traffic to your site.
* Enhance your brand by associating with leading online merchants.
* They do all the hard work for you - from generating the HTML links to tracking and processing orders.





pointer.gif (352 bytes) FREE TRIAL: GoToMyPc

GoToMyPC is the fast, easy and secure way to access and control your computer from any Web browser, anywhere. Check Email. Transfer Files. Use Your Applications. Access Your Network. From Anywhere. Now you'll be able to balance work and family, have the freedom to travel, etc.

Here's an example of why you need it: You’re out of town on business; your meeting starts in fifteen minutes, and you realize you’ve forgotten a critical file. No need to panic. You’ve got Internet access in your hotel and you installed GoToMyPC on your office computer before you left.

pointer.gif (352 bytes) FREE 90 DAY TRIAL: Endicia Internet Postage

(PLUS: if you become an affiliate, get $10 for every referral customer!!)

Endicia Internet Postage is a new service that allows you to print postage directly on your mailpieces using an award winning mailpiece design tool. The process is simple. In a few short steps you've just printed a label for your package and it's ready for the mailbox or for pickup by your carrier. The postage amount is automatically computed, deducted from your account, and printed on the envelope or label.  Best of all, you don't need to leave your desk, fill out forms, buy stamps, keep receipts, or write down any numbers. Free Delivery Confirmation on Priority Mail and a fat discount on other mail classes!

Save Time. No more peeling stamps; no more handwriting addresses over and over again. No standing in line at the post office.
Save Money. No expensive meter leases, no excess stamps, address verification reduces costly returned mail.
Enjoy Faster Delivery. It bar-codes your mail so it's automation ready.
Get Your Mail Opened. Award-winning mailpiece design tool makes your mail stand out.
Account for Your Mail. Keep a record of your postage transactions.

pointer.gif (352 bytes) Receive faxes & customizable voicemail by email for free

Don't have a fax machine? Receive faxes free with K7! Don't want to give out your home number? Give out this personal number and people will have to leave voicemail! Your home phone will never ring when this number is dialed -- the message will quietly zip into your emailbox. K7 is the only free service which allows you to customize your voicemail message and which does not have a limit on how many fax pages and voicemails you can receive.  Great for non-online friends who want to reach you by email, when you need to send yourself an email even when away from the computer, etc. Perfect for business too. The only drawback is that you must receive at least one fax or voicemail message in a 30-day period or they will close your account. (No problem, just call yourself once during low months.)

If you prefer a full-featured fax service to send and receive faxes using email, the web, your phone, tablet, or laptop PLUS a FREE toll-free or local number:
MyFax.com - Faxing Simplified .


pointer.gif (352 bytes) Send faxes for free

Don't have a fax machine? Send faxes free with FaxZero! Faxes are sent directly from your email address or from the web, to any fax machine in the USA or Canada. Send plain text, PDF's, Word documents, and Excel spreadsheets. Other services charge money for this sending feature. NOTE: You can only send up to 2 faxes per day for free.

pointer.gif (352 bytes) Send your eBay and/or Overstock.com customers a weekly newsletter with your listings

AuctionContact is designed to help you increase auction sales by attracting new customers and increasing customer loyalty. Traditional brick and mortar merchants have a benefit of relying on existing customers to return and buy their products again and again. For auction merchants, customer loyalty was something unimaginable until now… Auction Contact will automatically send a weekly customized e-newsletter listing your auctions, Buy It Now, and store merchandise along with a direct link to each item. Get repeat business and keep yourself on top! Join with any level you need, first level is free, and there is a free trial of the paid levels.

pointer.gif (352 bytes)  Free classified ads

Free classified ads for practically anything! Buy and sell in categories such as Autos, Pets, Jobs, Motorcycles, Real Estate, Computers, Domain Names, and much more.

pointer.gif (352 bytes)  eVoice Free Trial

TRY IT FREE FOR 30 DAYS! eVoice ensures your business always sounds professional and you don't miss important opportunities. It's a complete Internet voicemail system accessible by phone, email, or the web. It works with your current phone system and offers an auto-attendant that acts as your virtual receptionist. They take your existing business phone number or set you up with new phone numbers and layer on a set of features normally only available with an expensive pbx phone system. You can also create virtual mailboxes for your employees and departments and streamline your communication with voicemail call forwarding, call transfers, call routing, voicemail notifications, and much more. eVoice is perfect for individuals, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and businesses that want their calls answered and routed professionally, without the hassle of an extra employee. No additional phone lines or hardware are needed to use eVoice.




Republic Media offers the best deals on wireless plans and phones! "What if you could get a top-tier, current-model smartphone with all the bells and whistles, and pay between $5 and $40 a month for unlimited voice, text and data? And there's no contract required." -- The Wall Street Journal. Additional positive reviews from CNet, USA Today, PC Mag, The Washington Post, and more.

UNLIMITED TALK / TEXT / DATA over WiFi -- $5 per month
UNLIMITED TALK / TEXT over WiFi + Cell and UNLIMITED DATA over WiFi -- $10 per month
UNLIMITED TALK / TEXT over WiFi + Cell and UNLIMITED DATA over WiFi + On-Network 3G -- 
$25 per month (4G is $40 per month)

pointer.gif (352 bytes)  cheapest home phone landline (Voice Over IP) --  VOIPo - Unlimited Residential VoIP from $8.25/Mo

SPECIAL OFFER (LIMITED TIME PROMOTION): $6.21 per month! 30 day money back guarantee.

We have been using Voipo for several years and can't believe how much money we save! In our city, a home phone landline with AT&T or Comcast costs $30 per month with 8-12 calling features. We're saving $285 every year with this service and getting more features. Unlimited, free calling to USA and Canada. You also get 60 free minutes of international calling each month to over 40 countries.

Caller ID w/ Name
Call Waiting w/ ID
Three Way Calling
Call Forwarding
Call Blocking
Do Not Disturb (turns off the ringer & sends calls to voicemail)
*67 Outbound Caller ID Blocking
*69 Call Return
Transfer In Your Current Number
Telemarketer Block
Choose Your Own Area Code
Keep Your Number If You Move
Amazing Customer Service
Portable VoIP Device
Softphone Access
e911 Service
711 Service
411 Directory Assistance
Custom Incoming Caller ID
Text Messaging
Contacts List
Online Call Logs
Unlimited Speed Dial
Advanced Voicemail
View Voicemails Online
Voicemails E-Mailed
Voicemail SMS Notifications
Distinctive Ringtones
Virtual Numbers
Virtual Number Voicemail Boxes
Network Failover Forwarding
Custom Inbound Call Routing
Custom Outbound Call Routing
Inbound SIP Address Routing
Outbound SIP Address Routing
Simultaneous Ring
Control Features by SMS
7, 10, and 11 Digit Dialing

Have you ever seen so many great features on a home phone service? For example, Custom Inbound Call Routing feature allows you to set up specific actions for any phone number(s) you specify, such as always go to voicemail, or always busy signal, etc. And can you believe you can send and receive texts at your home number? Cool!

Give VOIPo it a try ... what do you have to lose??


Use this site to find the best deal for your long distance calling needs. They've done all the legwork for you, compiling and organizing rates and other information from lots of different long distance companies, including VoIP companies. The SmartNotify™ service will monitor changes and alert you when a better deal comes along! All these cool services are FREE. So don't waste hours calling around to find out which long distance plan is best ... let SmartPrice.com do the work for you, guaranteed.


Zaptel offers a vast selection of phone cards, residential and business calling plans, and other helpful services. You no longer need to trek to convenience stores to purchase prepaid cards. You no longer need to wonder if you're getting the best long distance deal possible. They've evaluated nearly every phone card and calling plan in the industry and bring the lowest rates and best services together for you. Easy to use site helps you determine what kind of phone card or plan will best suit your needs. Immediate delivery of PIN numbers means you can start making calls right now.


How would you like to be able to talk to a family member, friend, or colleague ANYWHERE on planet earth for free?? Simply download Skype and have your friend do the same. It's totally free to join. Now you can use your internet connection and turn your computer into an internet phone and make free Skype-to-Skype calls. The sound quality is the same or better than a telephone connection. Imagine, no limit to how long you can talk! You'll also get free Instant Messaging AND free video calls!

Upgrades are available for a small pay-as-you-go OR monthly fee that will also enable you to:
* Use your computer to call landline phones and cell phones (people who don't have Skype or a computer)
* Use your keyboard to send text messages to phones on any network, in any country.
* Get an online number --
        People can call your online number from any phone.
        Friends in the same country as your number only pay a local rate to call you – and you don’t pay to receive the call.
        Even if you’re online away from home or work, the call will find you and your Skype will ring.
*  Buy avatars and ringtones to personalize your Skype.
* With call forwarding you can direct incoming calls to Skype to ring on your cell phone or a phone. Also, if your friend is offline but has activated call forwarding you can reach them when they’re away from their computer, free
* Make cheap international calls from your cell phone.
* Send and receive money through PayPal.
* Send files.
* Receive voicemail. You can even personalize your voicemail greeting.



pointer.gif (352 bytes) Free 14 day trial of the Attacking Anxiety & Depression program

This is an INCREDIBLE program! It has helped me so much even years after my first time through the course. The ultimate stress management, this audio course will help you win the battle against anxiety and depression in a very short time. Lucinda Bassett will help you learn how
to recognize the thoughts, behaviors, and reactions causing your distress and how to change these negative, anxiety-producing habits. Stop panic attacks, worries, obsessive thoughts, undue guilt, excessive anger, etc. The workbook is a fantastic bonus that helps you get the most out of the program.

The relaxation session is extremely effective in helping you wind down at the end of the day and get a good night's sleep. This program is WELL worth the money. Now you can try the entire program for 14 days for just the cost of postage. It will help you finally LIVE instead of just exist! In today's world of overwhelming insecurity, it's vital to have tools to help us cope. Personal coaching sessions are also available. There's also a great forum you can explore even if you don't buy the program.

pointer.gif (352 bytes) Want to learn how to let go of any negative emotion on the spot? Free Sedona Method email newsletters and video newsletters

Find out the secret to letting go of even long-standing emotions, habits, pain, etc. Hundreds of thousands of people have achieved incredible results with a simple technique that put them back in control of their lives. They have experienced financial, emotional, mental, and physical benefits, improved all types of relationships, conquered addictions, gained confidence and self-esteem,  found peace and happiness. I have been using this knowledge for many years with fabulous results. This is something anyone can do with this phenomenal tool. You can start the same day your newsletter arrives!


pointer.gif (352 bytes) Free tips for personal effectiveness and growth

Bookmark this site for sure! It contains plenty of articles on everything from building self-esteem, how to accept change, tips for better intimate relationships, problem-solving, achieving success, and much more. (They'll even let you reprint their articles to use any way you want.) Free newsletter and membership is also offered. Free e-cards and affiliate program.

Upgraded membership is available that will enable you to get special discounts, personal coaching, support network, and access to a a continuous stream of insider information on the internet, business-building tactics, success strategies, and more.



pointer.gif (352 bytes) Get $25-$50 for opening an online bank account PLUS from then on, get $20 Refer A Friend bonus!

Capital One 360® is a fantastic online & mobile bank with no fees and no minimums. We've been with them since 2002 and absolutely love it. No need to change banks, either. This can be an additional bank account, a secret stash account, or whatever you need it for. In addition to great interest-bearing account rates and a 1.5% cashback rewards cad, they also give you these bonuses when you send new customers their way:

You get $20 per friend/referral. Up to $1,000!!

Then your friend (or any referral) gets:

Checking: $50 bonus
Savings: $25 bonus
Kid's Savings Account: $25 bonus
Debit card and bank account for teens: $25 bonus

A win-win situation! You can earn up to $1,000 on referrals, your friend or referral can earn $25-$50 PLUS then can earn referrals themselves, and the bank gets new business.

pointer.gif (352 bytes) How to reduce AND PROFIT FROM your junk email (spam)

Wish there was a way to cut down the flow of this annoying invasion of your personal computer? We'll show you 4 innovative ways to not only reduce the deluge but also how you can actually PROFIT from this junk mail and increase traffic to your website! All for free.

pointer.gif (352 bytes) A 100% effective solution for blocking automated junk emails

Sick of getting a barrage of emails promising everything from lower mortgage rates to cheap prescriptions to enhanced, enlarged or improved body parts? You need Spam Arrest! It uses a combination of unique technology and a human touch to defeat the exponentially increasing problem of spam. This will save you time and money — and end the frustration of receiving constant unwanted email. Click above to see how this revolutionary technology will STOP ALL automated junk mail from ever reaching your Inbox! Click here for your 30-day free trial.

pointer.gif (352 bytes) Secret tools for finding anyone anywhere

Innovative resources I've found as a Professional Research Consultant. You won't believe how much information you can get on people and businesses! 

pointer.gif (352 bytes)  Worried about losing email sent to your old address? Want to track down the new email addresses for all those undeliverable messages that bounce back?

Then you need SwitchEmail -- the world's premier recipient locator and email forwarding service that allows you to switch email addresses without losing mail sent to the OLD email address. It operates like the "Change of Address" service offered by the Post Office that forwards mail to a new address. Similarly, users register old and new email addresses with us. A FREE service!

pointer.gif (352 bytes) A superb collection of tutorials to teach you everything you could ever want to know about using the Internet

You won't believe the wealth of information available here. Just see for yourself, it's beyond description! 

pointer.gif (352 bytes) 4 free play-by-ear piano lessons

If you've ever wanted to fulfill a life-long dream of learning piano, organ, guitar, drums, or any other instruments by ear, without reading sheet music, then look no further. Hear and Play has trained hundreds of thousands of musicians all around the world how to play their favorite instruments with these down-to-earth online music lessons, piano video tutorials,piano lessons with jermaine griggs resources, and self-study courses. So take the first steps and sign up for their online piano lessons. They're free so you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Join over 270,215 musicians around the world who have learned how to play in weeks... not years! More info

pointer.gif (352 bytes)  Free DVD movie rental from Redbox

Better than Blockbuster! More than 35,000 Redbox kiosks are located across the United States in fast food restaurants, pharmacies, grocery stores, and convenience stores. You simply need to enter the coupon code from the main screen or just before checkout at your local Redbox kiosk. This page will show you ongoing Redbox coupon codes, so you'll never have to pay for a movie again!
pointer.gif (352 bytes)    60,000 Movies & TV Shows Basic version is completely free! Full access only $1.97/month Get it now for FREE

This is the world's premier online source for feature length videos. Graboid provides a software application allowing users to stream or download over 150,000 movies, TV shows, or other videos at extremely high speeds (beating torrents or other file sharing applications). Selection and video quality are higher than for any other source. Sound impossible? They want you to try it for free for up to 30 days so you can see how AMAZING this service is. After that, you can pay less than $5 per month. Cable can't even touch this.

Getting up off the couch to go to a store that may or may not have something to watch is not lazy-friendly. Waiting a couple of days to download something off a filesharing service isn’t fun either. By then you might not be bored anymore. All you really want is a way to sit around, and when you feel like it, fire up something to watch that’s interesting, of high quality, and starts right NOW. Graboid is the answer!
pointer.gif (352 bytes) Free Text Messaging from the web to any cell phone (your friends can reply to you in email too)

Web based text messaging in one easy step, on one simple webpage. TxtDrop enables users in the United States and Canada to send text messages from their computer with instant delivery to the recipient's cell phone. No more need to pay your cellular provider up to 25 cents for sending your friend a text. Just enter your email (for replies), your friend's mobile number and your message and TxtDrop will send your text instantly. You can also send pictures and ringtones! 120 character limit per message.

Also try: www.joopz.com (93 character limit per message, but it shows your username in the From field, which is nice so your friend will know it's you)

pointer.gif (352 bytes)   Upload your digital photos and get 50 FREE prints! Sign-up today!

Snapfish is the best digital photo resource out there. Upload your photos into online albums for sharing or backup storage, and you can order prints. Take advantage of this special deal to get any FIFTY prints free! (Just pay for shipping.) When you sign up you'll see the credits in your account. Hurry!

pointer.gif (352 bytes) Free trial of website building software

CoffeeCup HTML Editor is the Only HTML Editor with Built-in Live Chat Support and Free Upgrades for Life! Visit this link and choose any or all of the 18 FREE downloads. (Extra secret: the one called Free HTML actually lets you design a page and upload it to the internet!)

pointer.gif (352 bytes) Free list of every Bank & Government Foreclosure!

With hundreds of thousands of property listings updated daily, ForeclosureFreeSearch represents the largest and most up-to-date bargain home buying opportunity online. Start today and get INSTANT ACCESS to the largest foreclosure database and the only foreclosure search engine. Some homes are available for 50% below market value!

pointer.gif (352 bytes) With your FREE My Monster Account, you can: Set up job search agents and have your dream job emailed to you!

* Monster Works for Everyone. Make it Work for You. Create Your FREE Account Today.
* Post Your FREE Resume Today to attract top employers!
* Introducing Monster Networking: Find a Career Mentor; Share Ideas; Build Your Career Through Networking. Sign Up Free!
* The Best Talent is on Monster. Post your jobs there now.

Monster.com serves job seekers and employers ... Post-a-Job service allows companies to reach millions of quality candidates and represents the best hiring solution for small businesses. Job seekers can store their Monster Resume online to apply for jobs. Monster Networking allows you to search and connect with a network of over one million professionals for mentoring, etc.! Their newest product, Monster's Résumé Writing service, provides résumés, cover letters and other non-traditional career documents to jobseekers. With more than 20 years experience they will work one-on-one with you to create a job-winning resume in 3 business days or less. They guarantee you will be 100% satisfied or they will rewrite your resume for free!

pointer.gif (352 bytes) Get the perfect gift for ANYONE ... online gift certificates

Give the gift of choice with these two select gift certificate companies. Not only can your recipient choose their own gift, but also WHERE they spend your money! Click above to find out how to give one gift certificate for 500 stores and also how to give one certificate for thousands of restaurants, including some of the hottest names in dining. Or use the restaurant ones yourself for a 50% savings!!

pointer.gif (352 bytes) Free literature in any of these 700 languages ...

Looking for Bible literature in a language for someone you know who doesn't read English? Whether it's Spanish, Italian, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Tagalog, Polish, or Afrikaans, it's here! On this special site some languages have dozens or hundreds of magazines and books available online, and you can request printed versions of the literature (even in Braille and Sign Language). To change the website into another language, or to find literature in different languages, click on the upper right corner "English" box and select your language from the popup box.

And of course there's English ... which includes an online modern English translation of the Bible. Topics of the online and offline literature cover all areas of life ranging from spirituality to family life to science and the world, to animals, and so much more! A great way to do research in the privacy of your home and expand your knowledge and appreciation of the world's all-time best-selling book!

If you want to explore the Bible in depth, find out how to get a free home Bible study ... over 8 million people around the world are currently enjoying this free tutoring program!

pointer.gif (352 bytes) An entire website full of free stuff

A fantastic site stuffed with all kinds of freebies ... samples, coupons, software, webmaster tools, and more!

pointer.gif (352 bytes) Free email reminder service

Wouldn't it be great to be able to send yourself pre-scheduled reminders for important things like meetings, appointments, family events, renewals, bills, follow ups, phone calls, etc.? Isn't your life too busy to have to keep that all in your brain, where it almost always escapes into ForgetfulLand? Problem solved. Send reminders to yourself and others with this incredibly simple and effective service called Memo To Me. You can even go in and edit a waiting reminder if you forget to add something to it. It's fully customizable to your needs. This could save your job, your relationships, and your sanity! I've been using this and have come to depend on it to help me keep my personal life, business, and volunteer work organized.

NEW: 30 day free trial of the Platinum Edition of Memo To Me. After the trial, just NAME YOUR PRICE! This upgraded service enables you to have more flexibility, reminders forwarded to your mobile phone, and more.

pointer.gif (352 bytes) Free 30 day trial of tools for online auction sellers

Auctiva provides free image hosting of hundreds of images at a time, including supersized pictures. Hundreds of free customizable, exciting templates. Free scheduling. Free online auction management software. Free performance reports. Stop creating auctions the hard way, get Auctiva today.

pointer.gif (352 bytes)   Free IQ Test

How smart are you? Find out with this free IQ Test.
pointer.gif (352 bytes) Make 3d graphics in less than 5 seconds

With this free sampler utility, you can make cool 3D graphics in no time. Just plug in your text and poof! Create titles, headlines, and more ... for your website, auction listings, brochures, business cards, etc. Choose your font, color, size, and 3D style.

pointer.gif (352 bytes) iDrive FREE basic plan -- up to 5 GB of online/backup storage

One stop solution to backup all of your PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Android devices and Facebook pictures into a single account. More storage space can be had with upgraded pricing.

pointer.gif (352 bytes)  Free magazine subscriptions & trial issues

Over 120 different magazines on a wide variety of subjects such as baby, sports, outdoors, beer, food, history, health, computers, etc.

pointer.gif (352 bytes)  Free search engine to find images/pictures online

Did you know you can search the internet for specific pictures? The advanced image search even lets you filter results by words, size, usage rights, and more. Just remember to respect copyright laws and don't use them without permission from the owners of the images.



pointer.gif (352 bytes) Hotel/Motel coupons

over 5,000 U.S. hotels, motels and resorts offer bargain rates up to 50% off! Search by city and state. Never pay full price again! For just a few dollars for shipping, you can also get coupon books mailed to you to bring with you on your trip.
pointer.gif (352 bytes) FREE List of Every Bank & Government Foreclosure in the Nation

SAVE 30% TO 50% ON YOUR NEXT HOME!! Foreclosure.com's name says it all - there is no better place to be if you want to unlock never-before-seen, low-priced foreclosure opportunities in your area right now. They deliver better data, better analytics and better savings. Over 1.8 million property listings updated daily, free email alerts too. Foreclosure.com is first to list the newest and best foreclosure properties, which are available for drastically-reduced wholesale prices. Gain exclusive private access today because you might never see them tomorrow! Their incredible hidden foreclosure deals come complete with critical tax roll and community information, as well as property photos and map views (aerial, street, etc.), providing a 360-degree picture of the home of your dreams. Subscribers benefit from a revolutionary built-in investment tool that instantly calculates potential money-making equity spreads, ensuring the quickest and most-profitable purchase decisions possible before the amazing deals are gone.

pointer.gif (352 bytes) 8 free articles packed with secrets of weight loss you haven't heard anywhere else!
  • The Hidden Dangers of Your Excess Abdominal Fat
  • The Top Fat Loss Secrets for Flat Six Pack Abs
  • Ab Workouts Do Not Cause Stomach Fat Loss
  • Lose Belly Fat Fast with 2 Vital Secrets to Real Fat Loss
  • The Truth About Six Pack Abs (5 Major Deceptions & Myths)
  • The Best Thigh Exercises for Sexy Thighs and a Firm Butt
  • Fall Asleep Easier, Sleep Deeper, and Watch Your Body Fat Disappear
  • Unique Fat Loss Workouts for Time-Crunched Individuals
  • Cardio Enthusiasts: Discover a More Effective Training Method for Fat Loss and Heart Health!

pointer.gif (352 bytes) 20% off at iPrint


iPRINT  always has a sale going on, so use them for ALL your printing needs --
business cards, stationery, self-inking stamps, custom post-it notes, brochures, flyers, magnets, photo cards, etc!


pointer.gif (352 bytes)  Over 30 store rewards programs you can join for free to save big bucks

22 programs
10 programs

Earn store credit, coupons, and more.

pointer.gif (352 bytes) End junk mail and telemarketer calls

Hate junk mail flooding your "snail mail"box and emailbox? Hate having your dinner interrupted by a phone solicitor? This consumer agency will enable you to remove your name from mailing lists, free. Protect your right to privacy! 

pointer.gif (352 bytes)  Wall Street Journal free weeks

PRINT VERSION Subscribe now to The Wall Street Journal and get up to 8 weeks FREE
ONLINE VERSION Subscribe now to The Wall Street Journal and get 2 weeks FREE

The Wall Street Journal is the most respected source for news and business information. Get the world's most trusted and reliable daily newspaper delivered to your home or office -- and receive free weeks when you subscribe now.

pointer.gif (352 bytes)  FREE directory assistance from your home phone or cell phone + information you need on the spot

Never again will you have to pay $1.25 or more to call directory assistance from your cell phone! From now on, just dial 1-800-FREE-411. There's no charge to call the service, all it will cost you is a minute of cell airtime. Save on directory assistance charges on your home or business phone too.

Formerly TellMe, 24[7] offers all kinds of great info: weather, time of day, movie listings, traffic, directions, business telephone directory assistance, sports, cheap gas locations, travel info, stock quotes, and more! Simply call (408) 752-8052. Save this number on speed dial for quick access.

pointer.gif (352 bytes)  Get free Google search results on your cell phone even if you DON'T have the internet/data

With Google SMS service, you can do basic Google queries from any SMS-capable phone (which is just about all of them) by sending text messages to 466453 (GOOGLE).  Results usually come within less than a minute. So far, you can find this info:

weather maps
definitions directions
sports scores price comparisons
movies Questions & Answers
stocks translation
zip codes calculator
area codes currency conversion
flights web snippets

For example, enter "pizza 90001" and you'll get a text message with all the pizza places in that zip code. This is a really useful and fun mobile tool!

pointer.gif (352 bytes) Restaurants and other companies that give you free meals and stuff on your birthday

Even if you don't celebrate your birthday, these are some great deals you can benefit from.

Many of these offers not only send you a free coupon on your birthday, but will also send you a coupon the very day you sign up for the club AND at every one year anniversary of you signing up. Throw in all the free coupons they send around your birthday and you can get multiple meals a year for free.

P.S. -- did you know that Walt Disney World in Florida and DisneyLand in California gives you free admission on your birthday? If you don't want any fanfare, tell them so.


pointer.gif (352 bytes) Bypass the ringing and go directly to someone's cell phone voicemail

Slydial is a free service in the USA that enables you to leave messages on people’s cell phones without their phones actually ringing. Great for:
~ just leaving reminders
~ when you don't feel like having a conversation
~ when you or the recipient is too busy to talk
~ when a text message just won't do
~ when you have to call someone very early or very late in the day & don't want to disturb them

Simply call (267) SLYDIAL from either a cell phone or a landline and then enter the recipient's mobile phone number. After playing a short advertisement (unless you pay a subscription fee or 15 cents per call to skip ads), Slydial takes you right to the person's voicemail. Your caller ID will usually show up, and depending upon the carrier, the recipient's cell will either not ring, ring halfway, or ring once or twice. No matter what happens, the call can't be answered, so no worries. Some carriers will show "missed call" too. Free, no registration required.





pointer.gif (352 bytes) Get your very own FREE website

FREE 2 MB website

According to September 2014
figures published by Internet World Stats, a leading authority on internet usage statistics, 3 BILLION people in the world regularly use the Internet (40% of the world population). The internet is exploding and YOU can cash in on it right now: get a free website, promote a product or service, or just use this free page as a way to generate $20 over and over again!

Here are more great webhosting companies and websites! CLICK HERE

and ...

pointer.gif (352 bytes) How to get over two dozen secret goodies to jazz up your website

You'll need this whether you've never built a site before or you're a skilled web designer. Free shopping cart, accept credit cards on your site for just pennies per transaction, install fancy forms even if your site has no CGI capabilities, 2 tricks to make it impossible for anyone to ever steal any graphics from your site (great for artists and photographers who have valuable copyright material on display), and much more. Other people pay an arm and a leg for many of these features, but this package will show you how to get them for FREE! The time, energy, and money you'll save make this package well worth it.


Please let us know if any of the links expire or cease to function.



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