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Here is a sampling of some things
I have composed over the years


             "But I Want Them All, Daddy!" -- a powerful lesson I learned at age 6

Kindergarten Graduation -- the joy of a special day

The Days of a Child -- going back in a time machine to childhood 

My Hero -- a tribute to my dad published in the local newspaper

My Best Friend -- a tribute to my husband published in the local newspaper


Some of my personal writings on the topic of parent loss:

Deep Within -- how losing my mother suddenly at age 11 has shaped my life

Personal Observations on Grief and Loss -- what grief experts say, along with my own personal expressions

Healing Tools that Have Transformed My Life -- how I finally came to achieve a sense of completeness and emotional wholeness

These poems were written at the turn of the millennium just after my father died:

Grief Defined

The Bare Tree

Ode to The Eternal Father -- The Deep

How You Can Find Comfort


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(these will be posted online in the future)

70 of Life's Little Happinesses

Your Love Chills my Soul -- written and performed for my husband as an anniversary present, 1994

Poetry written during childhood:

Friends -- 1980

Friends -- 1983

Mom -- 1983

Gratitude -- 1986

The Seed of Friendship


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