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I have done intense soul-searching, research, and hard work to learn how to understand and manage the emotional impact of losing my parents. With tremendous pain has come tremendous growth. After the death of my Dad, I finally learned how to grieve properly by seeking help and working hard to apply what I learned and to implement some powerful new tools. They have enabled me to live a life of abundance and to finally achieve a sense of completeness and emotional wholeness. I could probably write a book about how dramatically all of this has impacted my life! But here, in a nutshell, are my most highly recommended man-made tools:


An audio course that teaches you how to let go of any painful emotion, on the spot

To say that the Sedona Method is one of the most phenomenal self-help programs on the planet is an understatement. It is a spectacular self-change method that has made such a measurable difference in my life. It has helped me become the person I want to be, and I feel like it was one of the answers to my prayers. I use it in conjunction with another Lifestyle Management Training method which requires letting go in order to achieve maximum results. The Sedona Method is the ONLY tool I’ve found after a long a tiresome journey of trying to figure out how in the world TO let go! The light bulb finally went off and I realized why it has been so difficult to do so (issues surrounding the fear of being out of control, etc.). This has been the missing puzzle piece to propel me into greater growth.

I began to see immediate benefits even before completing the tape course the first time through … positive changes in behavior and attitude, new insights and connections, and so much more. It has enabled me to get “out of my head and into my heart,” creating astonishing emotional changes.

As a person who has made a lifelong habit of burying feelings (especially after the sudden death of my mother at age 11), I never realized how much of a physical and emotional toll that habit was taking on me. I also never knew the simple truth that emotions are just energy in motion, they are not attached to me. And anything that is not attached to me can be let go of! The Sedona Method gently and effectively walked me through the process of identifying my feelings, feeling them, and then letting them go. Seeing emotions in this new light has completely taken the mystery out of them and has finally made me stop running away from them.

I really like the fact that the Sedona Method isn’t merely positive thinking, it's beyond just a relaxation technique, it does not involve digging up the past at all, and it doesn't involve racking your brain to figure out why you behave as you do. It just teaches you the secret of how to uproot at the very core the things that have been holding you back. I immediately recognized it as a tool that will serve me well for the rest of my life. Anytime I feel an uncomfortable emotion, I just use the Method right on the spot and can instantly see and feel a difference -- one that usually moves me to a desired action. I love the surprises that have come with my newfound freedom and the people in my life are enjoying the surprises too.

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and I also did months of personal coaching sessions of BCE LIFESTYLE TRAINING -- now called PROGRESSIVE MENTAL ALIGNMENT

The book and sessions
“turned the lights on” for me to a depth that no other self-help book or program has ever done.  They have given me more than just insight into the workings of the brain and a better understanding of my inner self and emotions – I have been given the tools to eliminate the root causes of pain from my life once and for all. BCE is not merely a band-aid, it is an instrument which promotes healing from within.

In just a few short months, I felt my soul begin to come alive.  What I learned and experienced soon lifted me out of the depression that had immobilized me since the illness and death of my Dad. Even before I finished reading the book and completed the sessions, I began to notice positive changes in my thoughts, feelings, attitude, and behavior. Now it is as if I have experienced an emotional resurrection!  It is difficult to put into words how much I have grown and the wealth of positive emotions I now feel. Friends and family members have offered unsolicited comments on how my words and actions speak right to the heart, how I'm more open, and more. I feel like I've "grown up," at the core of my being. The intense bursts of energy, clearer thinking ability, and improved relationships are so exciting to me.

BCE taught me how to break a lifelong habit of running from emotional pain. The steady melting away of fear and anxiety has had a liberating effect on my mind and heart. My newly acquired strength has revealed a hero within myself and this has infused me with hope. I am finding the deepest answers to questions which have plagued me for countless years. This program equipped me with the needed tools to finally take control of my life without spending the long years and heavy dollars required by other therapies. It is nothing short of spectacular! Truly a life-enriching journey of self-discovery and emotional healing.


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