(This is a song I composed and play on guitar.)


In a time machine I would love to take a ride
And go back to the time when I was just a child.
Each new day brought new discoveries
And I need to relive those pleasant memories.

I'd like to go back for a visit every now and then
So I could live in that special time again.

Barbie dolls and teddy bears;
Life was fun and there were no cares.
Playing "house", selling lemonade;
Our days were full and we had it made.

Hopscotch and snowball fights;
Hide and Seek and flying kites.
Running through the sprinkler on a hot summer day;
I wish those days had never gone away.

Playing freeze tag and jumping off the swings;
Getting a treat from the ice cream truck, and with crayons coloring.
Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers, Zoom;
The Electric Company and Captain Kangaroo.

That's what childhood was all about.
I want to go back and live it now.

Eating icicles and going sledding;
Playing baseball and bikeriding.
Looking at the clouds while lying in the soft grass;
Driving the play car that ran on real gas.

Amusement park rides and the joys of kindergarten;
Taking long walks to the store with a friend.
Eating fudgesicles box by box;
Banana curls and fuzzy socks.

My pony named Sugar and other animals, too
Always an abundance of garden-fresh food.
I never came home to find the house empty;
And we always spent time as a family.

Bedtime stories and being nursed back to health;
We didn't really have material wealth.
We had a much more priceless treasure --
Love and affection in the fullest measure.

Sometimes I really long for
The days of a child.


Copyright 1994-present, by Deborah McGeorge, St. Augustine, Florida


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