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Business Startup Ideas
(work for YOURSELF!)


The easiest way to create residual wealth is to start or buy your own business.
But d
onít waste your money on expensive coaching programs, seminars or classes
when you can learn
inexpensively from masters such as these:

Mobile Media Manager Work At Home Program

Wow, you won't want to miss this! How would you like someone to take you by the hand and show you how to generate $2,100 per week by working just 2-3 hours per day? You won't have to make cold calls -- customers will call YOU! No additional costs, free training with easy step-by-step videos and materials, and a bonus that will enable you to earn another layer of income on top of the valuable service you'll be offering local businesses. You won't believe the low price and what you'll be getting.

Lights, Camera, Cash!

A video tutorial teaching you a simple strategy: offer local business owners the opportunity to increase their business by as much as 2000% without it costing them (or you) a single dime. You're able to command up to 50% of their newfound profits! Now repeat that scenario multiple times over, with anywhere from 10 to 30 different businesses ... and watch your profits roll in! Fantastic idea.

Ebook Explosion
Over 7,000 information products on every area of business and life. Get ahead of the game with this unequaled ocean of secret information. There's NOTHING else like this! Learn everything you need to know about starting and maintaining a profitable internet business ... time management ... speed reading ... getting bill collectors off your back ... positive weight loss approach ...how to recognize and not fall for popular con games ...  and so so much more!!

Master Reprint License included for 100% commission on resale. (Put this on your website and pocket huge profits for the rest of forever. It's as simple as duplicating a CD.) This is a turn-key business with your own customizable websites you can move into TODAY. Spend less than a penny per ebook and sell each of them for $10, $25, $50 ... name your price!! There isn't an easier online business, it's all right here!

Complete Info-Product Creation Toolkit

Create Your Very Own Info-Product Empire, Literally Overnight! This Toolkit Features Every Last Piece Of Information, Every Tool, Software & Secret Resource, Every Hardcore Marketing Strategy To Create High Quality Info-Products That Sell Themselves By The Boatload ... Year After Year! Learn the secrets of how the big guys do it.

Comes with a BONUS course, The Complete Plug-In And Profit Advertising Toolkit.

Master Reprint License and your own sales page included for 100% commission on resale.

Emergency Cash Generators Version 2.0

No one really knows when they are going to run into hard times ... everyone needs a Quick Cash Backup Plan to raise some money quickly in case of an emergency.

Don't miss these 93 secret techniques people are using to generate cash quickly. (Psst! On that page, scroll down to the P.P.S. and read an amazingly simple way to make money on eBay. FREE INSIDER TIP sample idea!)

What can you do once you're equipped with these ideas? Fill the gaps in your income ... start a part time or full time business ... save them for when you need extra cash ... generate vacation money ... the sky's the limit!

Not only will you get the 93 secret money makers, but also 40 minutes of "this is how you do it" downloadable videos plus 3 special bonuses. Available immediately as a downloadable package.

Incredible 3 month 100% no hassle guarantee: If you are not satisfied with "Emergency Cash Generators" for any reason within 3 months of receiving it, you'll be granted a full refund with no questions asked. Check it out now!

The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay

An ebook full of new ideas promised to blow your mind! This system puts eBay on autopilot. Would you believe that a part-time effort is truly all it takes to get started on eBay? You'll believe it after visiting the above link because Jim Cockrum furnishes solid proof -- a glimpse into his PayPal account! Discover the fact that Silent Sales Machines are free to start and run with little or no maintenance. Many of the autopilot ideas in this ebook only require a one time set up and then require nearly NO EFFORT (no shipping, mailing, faxing, selling, talking). All you'll need to do is answer a handful of customer email inquiries and get paid. You could literally be making money from these ideas 30 minutes from now if you're already selling on eBay!

His affiliate program is one of the simplest around, and enables you to earn a hefty commission.

Achieving Lift Off! The Fast Road To Starting An Online Business
Plus 19 free bonus downloads

Secrets to starting and succeeding with an online business -- the SENSIBLE way. Learn free ways to generate traffic to your site ... how to find or create a product to sell ... what to do if you lack marketing ability ... 35 of the internet's top internet marketing experts share their success secrets in exclusive interviews ... action plans for the new and the experienced ... how to make your own ebooks ... and much more!

Master Reprint License included for 100% commission on resale, plus your own sales page.

Online Auction SECRETS
Plus free ebook Increase Auction Profits

You've got to see this! Everyone knows eBay is the hottest and easiest way to make huge profits online. You've heard the buzz now that eBay has become a household world, even on TV. Ebay is the ULTIMATE venue for selling virtually any goods and making huge profits with almost no effort. But you have to know what to sell and how to sell.

Find out how to start your own online auction business ... mind-altering words to use in your listings which get people to BUY ... which days, times, and categories are best ... and other secret selling techniques you have to know whether you have experience or not. Don't miss the ebook which reveals secret NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) methods for subconsciously persuading people to buy from you! This proven scientific technique can give you miraculous results because it works exactly the way the brain works. You'll know how to use it for sales AND in life too. (Click above for more info.) Also learn bidding secrets if you want to win!

Master Reprint License included for 100% commission on resale, plus your own sales page.

Don't forget to explore our Freelancing page for details on how to get paid for writing and access to hundreds of freelance jobs!

The following
items are in the product line of guru millionaire businessman, J.F. (Jim) Straw.

Choose ebook format or hard copy format (sent by mail)!

Finder's Fees -- The Easiest Money You'll Ever Make
Plus 2 freebies:
special report FINDER'S FEES Today and Every Day and ebook Unlimited Profits -- Cut Through the Hype and Make Money!

Did you know you can make a fortune just introducing buyers to sellers?  Become a "Finder" and earn exceptional fees! If a product or service can be sold or bought, there is a potential Finder's Fee just waiting for a Finder with the "know-how" to earn it. Trouble is, most people who try to earn Finder's Fees never get paid. They know how to find things, but they don't know how to structure the deal so they walk away with money in their pockets. This course shows you how to get paid the Finder's Fees you earn ... how much to charge ... who pays your Finderís Fee and how to double it ... how to avoid legal mistakes ... the only way to get a binding legal agreement and what words to use ... the BEST Finder opportunities (advertised and unadvertised) ... fields you shouldn't waste your time with ... and much more!

One of the RICHEST MEN IN THE WORLD started his business career as a finder and, even today, earns millions of dollars each year in Finder's Fees. Does the name Adnan Khashoggi ring a bell?

You Can Be A  Millionaire  In One-Year  Or  Less!

... without being an Internet marketer -  or - building an email  list - or -  putting up a website - or - creating any products. All you need is email communication. Cut & Paste. Save & Find. And PDF files. You can really do it even if the Internet ceases to exist tomorrow. You can be a millionaire in one year or less, right in your own home town, from your home (or office), in less than 5 hours per week -- while you keep your current job or business (if you want to). There are more opportunities to quickly and easily make BIG MONEY  in your home town than there are on the Internet ... and making that money takes less time and far less aggravation, too.

This package also comes with VERY generous bonuses which Mr. Straw sells individually every day for a total of $499.85!

Why not, instead of buying the next 10 "how-to" offers that come your way that may or may not work, save up that money and get your personal copy of You Can Be A Millionaire In One-Year Or Less!  Isn't it better to pay a little more for something that WILL work, something you can really make money doing?

The following Jim Straw products are ALSO available in hard copy format sent in the mail. This link will take you to the ebook versions ... if you prefer it in paper form so you can read it when you're not at your computer, just follow these simple steps:
1. Visit the link below to get all the details about the courses you're interested in.
CONTACT US and we'll make the arrangements to ship you the manual or report immediately.

Over a dozen Jim Straw info products and course manuals, "Power Tools for Entrepreneurs"

-- EXACTLY How You Can Make A Fortune - Just Snooping Around!
-- Get $1,000 - $5,000 FREE & CLEAR Within 30 Days! (a unique and simple business anyone can start today. I never would have thought of this neat idea!)
-- How To Get Your Own PERSONAL LOAN
-- How To Get Your Own CREDIT CARDS
-- How To Make A Fortune Trading NASDAQ (Penny) Stock
-- Sell American (Start your own export business)
-- How To Strike It Rich
-- WorldWide Business Exchange newsletter (includes finder's fees opportunities every month!!)



for additional eBooks on this subject ...
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