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How to Flatten Your Stomach


Besides the physical appeal of a great set of abs, a well-developed midsection has many other benefits, such as supporting a healthy back and improving athletic performance. Body fat reduction has many benefits as well, such as reducing the risk of heart disease, Type II Diabetes, many types of cancer, and more.

BUT ...

You'll never SEE your abs (even with intense workouts) if you don't melt that BELLY FAT!

If You Believe That You're Doomed to Being Overweight Because of a Slow Metabolism, Age, or Poor Genetics, You Are Believing a Lie.
That is the biggest myth! You should not give up on the idea of losing body fat and think that your genetics has destined you to have excessive body fat for life. It is each personís lifestyle, not genetics, that plays the biggest role in how lean or fat they are. We'll outline exactly what that lifestyle should be in order to kick-start any metabolism ... which means that youíll be burning more calories 24 / 7 (even while sleeping).  If you are a human being, then you have the ability to be lean.

Did You Know That There Are Hidden Foods That Are Promoted As "Health Foods" but Actually Stimulate Your Body to Hold On to Excess Belly Fat & Cover Up Your Six Pack Abs Like a Thick Blanket?

Scientists have discovered that some of these particular foods can even produce a hormonal imbalance in your body that triggers belly fat to resist burning, and signals it to be stored excessively. You could be eating all the wrong foods!

Did You Also Know That "Abs Exercises" Such As Crunches, Leg Raises, & Sit-Ups Are Actually the LEAST EFFECTIVE Method of Getting Rid of Stubborn Stomach Fat and Love Handles to Uncover Your Abs?
Abdominal exercises should only be a VERY small portion of your workouts. In addition, If you don't perform the right ab exercises in the most effective fashion, you could actually be making your stomach worse! We'll show you how to stimulate your metabolic rate and increase your production of fat-burning hormones.

Another Thing... You've Been Told That Doing Lots and Lots of Cardio / Aerobics Is the Best Way to Lose Body Fat ... WRONG!

Instead, discover the REAL exercises that burn 3-4 times more calories (and therefore blast away 3-4 times more fat) in the same amount of time or less!

You Do Not Need "Fat Loss Pills" and Other Hyped-Up Supplements to Get Rid of Your Stubborn Belly Fat for Good.
The only thing that the bottle of pills or powder is going to do is give you expensive urine!

Ab Belts, Ab-Gadgets, Ab Machines, Ab-Rockers/Rollers ... All Useless!
Virtually all of these ab machines, belts, and gadgets do absolutely NOTHING to burn fat off of the abdominal area!
There is some evidence to suggest that electrical stimulation may be able to increase muscular development in an untrained individual -- however, those electro-stimulation ab belts donít provide a strong enough current to have any kind of effect. You'd be wasting you're money.

You Will NEVER Lose Your Excess Stomach Fat and Carve Out Those Rock-Hard Six-Pack Abs that You Desire by Wasting Your Time with Hundreds of Crunches and Other "Abs-Pumping" Exercises ...

Nor with Those Bogus Ab-Gadgets, Gimmick Diets, "Fat-Burner" Pills, and "Miracle" Supplement Powders that Are Scamming You Out of Your Hard-Earned Money!

Instead, Discover the Tried-and-True Training & Nutrition Secrets That the Super-Lean Use to Strip Away Stubborn Stomach Fat and Develop Flat Abs That Turn Heads!

Losing the fat that's covering up your abs can only be accomplished with a smart nutritional program and a well designed progressional training program that increases your metabolism and stimulates your fat-burning hormones in your body. Achieving this is simple once you understand the secrets revealed in The Truth about Six Pack Abs programNow you can easily discover a fool-proof system that has worked for thousands of clients and will show you exactly how to stop the frustration, and FINALLY ignite your metabolism and fire up your own body's fat-burning hormones to hack off that ugly belly fat and get flat abs.

Your new way of eating means:

  • You don't have to cut out categories of food (such as carbs, fat, etc.)

  • You can eat right up until bedtime

  • You don't need to count calories 7 days a week

The Truth about Six Pack Abs program was created by Michael Geary (CPT), a recognized International Fitness Expert, contributing writer for Muscle & Fitness Hers Magazine, owner of Fitness for Busy Men, and author. He learned his secret methods by immersing himself in some of the best legitimate exercise research journals out there, reading countless books from some of the best strength coaches and trainers in the world, and soaking up the info from some of the best nutritional books and journals from the top authorities in the world on the subject. He also dedicated himself to being a top-notch fitness professional as he became a Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Nutrition Specialist, and eventually years later, an international author and authority on the subject of "six-pack abs" and fat loss. Mike also used his daily training of fitness clients, as well as his own training methods, to determine "in the trenches", what worked and what didn't for getting rid of that stubborn abdominal fat. The end result is a winning solution for ridding yourself of that extra belly fat and developing flat 6-pack abs the right way! And it's all found in his internationally popular program, The Truth about Six Pack Abs. It's jam-packed with detailed scientific and clinically proven information to help you learn fun and new lifestyle choices that are vital to losing that belly and to your overall health. You'll get 84 meal planning ideas, pictures and step-by-step instructions of exercises for different workout levels, and much more!

Here's a small sampling of the wealth of secret information found in this program:

The percentage of body fat you need to get below in order to see your abs (page 6)
Common exercises to avoid, and pictures and instructions on the exercises that REALLY work (pages 12-29)
6 Secret Weapon Exercises that savvy fitness pros know are the best of the best exercises in existence for a lean, rock hard body and a solid core -- almost NOBODY at the gym ever does these (pages 62-66)
How to figure out the number of calories YOU personally need (page 33)
Why weights must be a part of your workout routine and cardio/aerobics should not be (pages 34 ,36, 37, 41-45, 113)
How to get the maximum fat-burning and muscle-building hormonal response from your training (page 37)
Why you shouldn't rely on machines for weight training (page 40)
You should never work out for longer than ____ minutes. (page 43)
The optimum number of days per week you should exercise ... and it's much less than 7! (page 45)
No matter how hard you train, you'll never get their body fat low enough to see you abs if you ________________ (page 77)
Eating fat does not really make you fat if you also eat _________ and ________ with it (page 82, 83)
How to make junk food cravings almost nonexistent (pages 78, 88, 90)
The foods that should comprise the majority of your diet in order to promote a lean healthy body (pages 89, 90)
Why restricting your caloric intake 7 days per week will actually make it harder to lose fat. Follow this simple indulgent trick and supercharge your metabolism (pages 92, 93)
Why you should never skip breakfast (page 93)
You need to eat ___ meals per day ... it's more than 3! (pages 93, 94)
What you need to eat after all your workouts (page 99)
How stress, sleep, water, and alcohol affect your weight loss efforts (pages 107-109)
Why working a certain area of your body does not burn fat from that area ... and what parts you SHOULD be working in order to burn calories and increase your metabolism (page 111)
Why "turning fat into muscle" is a misconception (page 115)
And much more!


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5 free secret hard-body workout routines

A special list compiled by us here at Insider Secrets containing SIX of the best places
online to find low calorie recipes which include calorie counts and other important nutritional information (fat grams, carbs, etc.), searchable databases of calorie counters, and more! We've only chosen the most easily-navigatable and easily searchable sources. You can't get this secret list anywhere else.

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