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Sample Chapter summary from
The Job Seekerís Guide to Success

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This is one of the secrets of a successful job hunting campaign. To illustrate the point: think about the last time someone took a picture of you and used the camera flash. What remained in sight long after the photo was taken? That little bright spot from the flash, right? Even when you closed your eyes, the dot was there. It just wouldn't go away. Why?  It made a lasting impression. So, if YOU make a lasting impression on someone who has the authority to hire you, you will stand out in the personís mind long after you have left his/her presence. You will be a standout!


This is another strategy for success because like it or not, job hunting automatically transports you into The Selling Zone. Survival depends on your ability to get the prospective employer to want to hire YOU and YOU alone. Donít overlook the fact that there may be hundreds, or even thousands of contenders for the very same job. Youíve got to stand out in the herd. You must sell yourself -- demonstrate that you are unique and that you are the only person for this job. Do this by way of your resume, cover letter, job application, interview, and follow-up.


Successful salespeople implement a winning formula to generate results. With every word and deed, they strive to gain four things from each prospective customer: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action (AIDA). Since job hunting requires salesmanship, this formula is a valuable one for you, too. Using a little ingenuity, you can capture the prospective employerís attention, hold his interest, stir up a desire to have you on his team, and encourage him to take action and hire you.


If you're serious about finding employment, then you must treat the job search as if it were a full-time job. In other words, please don't just spend a few minutes on Tuesday looking for work and then try again for a couple of minutes on Friday. You'll be disappointed because it will take a long time to achieve concrete results. Plan to spend at least three hours a day doing something related to the job search, whether it's research, organizing, writing, calling, mailing, delivering, interviewing, following-up or evaluating.

Interestingly, a glimpse into the life of the lowly ant teaches us quite a bit on this subject of industriousness. Have you ever seen ants standing still? Aren't they always running to and from the anthill, carrying things that weigh many times their body weight? Also, what happens when an ant comes to an obstacle? Does it just stop and turn around? No! It either plows right over it or goes around it. So, then, to get a job, you need to be like an ant -- stay busy, work hard, and don't let obstacles slow you down.


In other words, be the one in charge, make the first moves. A well-known secret to skilled players of Tic-Tac-Toe is this: you almost always win if you move first. Isnít that true? Your first move is usually smack dab in the middle of the grid, enabling you to maintain control of the game. Job hunting is no different. "X" marks the spot!


Please know that this is a vital element in the job hunt. A common job hunting mistake is the failure to take the time to research and investigate. The more you know about the company and its goals, the better of an impression you will make on the interviewer.

Company research isnít the only preparation you should make, however. You also need to develop a strategy. The old saying rings true: "Fail to plan: plan to fail." Assess your goals, needs, and wishes. Anticipate your next move. Figure out what you will do if you have trouble finding a job in your field, and so on.


Organization will help you prevent unnecessary stress during your job search. With all the new information you'll be collecting as you go along (phone numbers, names, dates and times, addresses, etc.) you will soon be in a state of total chaos unless you follow this advice. At the very least, you might want to get a pocket calendar (to list appointments and deadlines), several file folders (to keep copies of all correspondence) and a notebook (to maintain extensive notes on conversations and leads).


Here is a positive thought to keep in mind: the best jobs don't have to go to the most qualified people ... they often go to the people who are the best job hunters! Such a skill improves with continued use, just like the more you practice playing a musical instrument, the better you get at it. So take advantage of any programs that will help fine-tune your skill, such as the workshops and assistance offered by the state Jobs and Benefits Center, as well as books on the subject of finding employment ... such as the book which contains these "ten commandments" -- The Job Seekerís Guide to Success..


Being successful at the job hunting game will require a change in the way you play it. If you have only been using the help wanted ads in the newspaper, for instance, you will definitely need to broaden your horizons and try some new methods. If youíre a person who finds change too difficult, it may surprise you to know that resisting change sometimes takes more energy than actually implementing the changes! Moving beyond your "comfort zone" is the only way to insure achieving the best possible results. Learn some new techniques, incorporating them into your routine.


It's a wonder what you can accomplish if you have a little faith in yourself, truly believing that you are the best person for the job. Remember, you have to sell yourself to the individual who has the power to hire you. Youíre going to have a weak case if you lack conviction. A famous figure once said: "To get others to believe in you, you must first believe in yourself." Then and only then can you make some headway.

For example, have you ever purchased a product from a salesman even though you couldnít afford it? I have. If he convinces me that I canít live without the thingamajig, if he convinces me that using it has changed his life, I canít resist. Iím drawn to it like a moth to a floodlight. Injecting some zeal and conviction into your presentation could very well draw your prospective employer, too.

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These ten guidelines will help you to conduct a fruitful job hunting campaign. But HOW can your resume, cover letter, job application, interview, and follow-up methods be used as powerful sales tools? What are some effective techniques to find unadvertised jobs and eliminate the competition? What free sources on the Internet can be tapped into? How do you convince an employer to hire you and to pay you what youíre worth? How do you avoid falling face first into the traps commonly set by interviewers? What will help alleviate the depression that comes along with searching for a job?

For answers to these and many more questions, send for The Job Seekerís Guide to Success -- a guidebook packed with from-the-trenches advice of numerous experts and successful job seekers. It will show you how to launch a job hunting campaign from start to finish and will supply you with the tools you need to succeed ... delivered right to your mailbox!

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