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You could try a project like this yourself, but ...

Do you have the time? There are at least 23 time-consuming tasks which are necessary in order to operate a text messaging club (12 of these tasks must consistently be performed throughout each month). As your list grows, the time needed to manage it also grows. Even if you do have plenty of extra hours, wouldn't you rather spend your valuable time focusing on running your business?

Do you have the expertise? This project requires marketing skills, writing and editing skills, knowledge of SMS texting techniques, wireless carrier knowledge, database management, and much more. We have been professionally using these skills (and others) for decades.

Do you know how to comply with legal requirements regarding Spam laws? There are some very specific rules that need to be followed in order to avoid hefty penalties and fines.

  Do you know the proper way to conduct a text campaign? You can't just send out hundreds or thousands of texts from your mobile phone.

  Do you know how to get people to join your Club? If no one knows about it, or receives clear direction how to sign up, it will not be successful. We'll give you a list of 24 different ideas of ways you can promote your text club.

Do you know how to properly format text messages for best viewing by recipients?

Do you know how to reach and enable people to sign up online?

Do you have the tools necessary to set up and maintain a continually successful Text Club? Several different types of hardware, software, and other tools are needed in order to make a text club a reality and keep it running smoothly.

Letting a professional company handle the complexities of a text club is really your best choice. Running your business is what you do. And text message marketing is what WE do. Let us handle everything for you ... we assure you it will be professional, easy, affordable, and profitable.



To supercharge your marketing efforts, we suggest adding our V.I.P. Email Club to your service.

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