Why should I hire a resume service?

Anyone can type up a list of their former jobs and education. But a resume should NOT be just a bland rundown of your past. You want your resume to be a sales brochure that grabs a prospective employer’s attention and makes him or her need to meet you in person. You need a professionally-crafted, substance-rich and visually appealing document that best represents you. The cold, hard fact is you have just one chance to sell yourself with your resume.  And you have LESS THAN 20 SECONDS to do it.  That's about how much time a prospective employer will invest in reading.  And by the way, it took you about 20 seconds to read this paragraph.  Your entire resume will be scanned this quickly as a snap judgment is made, so time is of the essence! We’ll create a masterpiece that will get you noticed among the herds of other applicants competing for the same job. We are more than just a resume typing service. Consider our professional resume creation service as a wise investment you are making for your career.



What is included in your fee?


1. A Resume Worksheet questionnaire for submitting your information. This unique worksheet also contains detailed instructions and expert tips to assist you in organizing your thoughts so that a genuine masterpiece can be produced. It will make it SO EASY for you!

2. A professionally-crafted resume, emailed to you in 3 digital formats:

·         publishing quality PDF – for printing yourself and for emailing as an attachment. PDF’s preserve the format of the document.

·         properly formatted ASCII (.txt) -- very important to employers who prefer to receive electronic copies of resumes

·         online resume with its own special viewing link


3. An instruction sheet on how to apply for jobs electronically, how to send your resume to an employer in any and all of the above 3 formats, and how to know which format to send and how.

4. Any 4 reports in this list! They are all excerpts from The Job Seeker's Guide to Success by Deborah McGeorge.

~ Beat the Job Hunting Blues
~ A Mistake That Could Cost You Thousands of Dollars Per Year
~ Tapping the Hidden Job Market
~ Making a Lasting Impression
~ Job Shopping: Seven Strategies for Success
~ Places to Go For Job Search Assistance
~ Seven Ways to Make / Save Money While Unemployed
~ How to Avoid Eight Common Job Hunting Mistakes



What upgrade options do you offer?

  • Add a headshot photo to your online resume

  • Rush order for work to be completed in less than 3 business days  

  • Non-digital ("hard copy" printed) resume: original document on white paper, five duplicates on bond/linen paper (cream, gray, or white)

  • Additional duplicates of the non-digital resume other than the set of five included  

  • Cover letter -- digital, emailed 

  • Non-digital ("hard copy" printed) cover letter

  • Hard copies of non-digital cover letter

  • Having us compose your cover letter

  • List of up to 6 of your references -- digital, emailed

  • Non-digital ("hard copy" printed) reference list

  • Hard copies of non-digital reference list

  • Microsoft Word files of your resume/documents


Feel free to let us know if there are any other options you need, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.


What’s my first step?

Estimate how many pages your resume will be when typed. Select it from the drop down menu, then click "Add to Cart". (Don't worry, if your estimate turns out to be too high or low, we'll handle that later.)

If you wish to order a hard copy (printed) resume or any upgrades, click the "Add to Cart" button next to each item you wish to order.

Checkout and pay with your credit card. Electronic payments are handled through PayPal, a secure online payment service used by 230 million consumers in 190 countries worldwide. Our company will never see your credit card number or financial information. Paying us online is safe, secure, and fast.


Why do I have to pay for my documents up front before the work is started?

One reason is: we need to know you have the funds to pay for our service. Another reason is that this is normal business. Think of it like you’re buying any other product, such as a shirt. You don’t get to wear the shirt for a while and then decide whether or not you want to pay the store for it. The same applies here. And although we can never guarantee that your new resume will get you hired (far too many other factors go into getting a job than just the resume), it is our policy to keep working with each client until they are completely satisfied with the product.


What happens after I send my payment?

Within 24 hours of the funds transfer, we'll email you confirmation of your payment along with our Resume Worksheet questionnaire for submitting your information. This unique worksheet also contains detailed instructions and expert tips to assist you in organizing your thoughts so that a genuine masterpiece can be produced. It will make it SO EASY for you!   (If you don't have email, we can send the worksheet by fax or U.S. mail.) Fill in your information on the Resume Worksheet and email it to us. If you want your resume to highlight certain qualifications or desire a particular approach, feel free to let us know. We will then professionally design your resume and word it in such a way as to make it a genuine sales piece.

We'll confirm receipt of your Worksheet. Once we have gathered all pertinent information, work on your project will begin. If there are details that need clarification, we’ll call or email you.

Within 3-4 business days of receiving of your Worksheet, we’ll send the initial draft of your resume. After careful review, you will need to provide us with feedback so that any revisions can be made and we can proceed with finalizing the resume and any upgraded options you may have ordered. This feedback stage is very important so that we can deliver the products that are sure to meet your expectations.

Within 1-2 business days of receiving of your feedback, your completed resume masterpiece will be emailed to you -- in publishing quality PDF and ASCII (txt) format -- along with any additional documents/upgrades you may have ordered. As a bonus, your resume will also be available for online viewing! We'll provide the special personalized link to your resume so you can share it with employers.


If I later need an update to the resume or other documents you’ve created for me, how much will that cost?

Lifetime Storage is included in all packages we offer. Contact us any time you need anything updated. Our fees are an hourly rate (generally in the $35-$45 per hour range) to professionally word and add the new data to your resume, and to restructure and re-send all three of your digital resume formats and any other products.


At the final stage of the updating process (when you approve the draft copy and are ready to receive the final products), we'll send an invoice with the total payment due. Within 24 hours of receiving your cleared payment, we'll send the final products to you.


I've already written my resume, can you just re-type it for me?

Actually, we will need to do more than just retype it. Creating a re-draft still requires approximately the same amount of time, labor, and creativity because we add professional, unique touches to produce a genuine masterpiece. In fact, it sometimes requires MORE time, labor, and creativity for us to work from your existing resume than it does for us to write a new one from scratch.


What if I’ve lost the resume/documents you created for me?

Lifetime Storage is included in all packages we offer. Your project files remain in Active status for 6 months. During this time, you can request us to re-send them at no charge. After that time, the status changes to Non Active and you may request a re-send of the original documents for a service charge of $29.


What if I’m not 100% satisfied with the materials you’ve created for me?

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. If there is something that wasn't addressed or executed to your satisfaction or in accordance with your expectations, please feel free to let us know during the initial draft stage of the project. We are happy to discuss your concerns and we welcome your suggestions. We will do our best to make any revisions necessary to provide you with the best representation possible. However, once we have delivered the final products we cannot offer refunds -- due to the laborious nature of our craft. That’s why the feedback stage of the initial draft process is of vital importance.


Where is your office located?

Our office is located in St. Augustine, Florida. But we are not limited to servicing local clients! We can take care of you no matter where you are located in the world.


Can I visit your office?

In order to provide the most cost-effective solutions for our clients, we communicate and deliver your order from a remote service location via telephone/email/text/snail mail/fax. Not only are these methods very practical, convenient, and modern, but they also allow us to reach out to as many clients as possible, wherever they are in the world.





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