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Since the special "people search" tools mentioned on the page you just visited are the product of countless hours of research and numerous trial-and-error lessons, to get in on these secrets I must ask for a small compensation. But I promise it will be well worth the small fee. For just $11.95 (U.S.), you'll receive Contact Info Secrets Deluxe -- providing over two dozen valuable, little-known resources that will literally yield hundreds of thousands of records. You'll also get detailed instructions on how to use them to sniff out the facts you're looking for.
People have paid me as much as $17 for just ONE of these resources -- at that rate, you'd be paying over $400 for all 24 but I'm offering these secrets to you for less than 50 cents each, just $11.95 for the whole package!  And investigators charge an arm and a leg to find information ... I'll show you how to go right to the sources they use and find the info yourself -- almost every time you can find it for FREE with these tools I've discovered in my travels.

Every reference in your Contact Info Secrets Deluxe package is hotlinked so you'll always be just one click away from the material.

Like they say on TV, "But that's not all! Order now and you'll also get these extra free bonuses":

How to obtain contact information on someone through their car.

Database of pay phone numbers (You think pay phone calls are untraceable? Think again!)

How to find out the telephone number of any phone you're calling from (even pay phones when there isn't a number written on it).

A surprise bonus.

You're just moments away from the information which will put you "in the know" and on the trail of people and businesses you need to track down -- just click below to get started. 

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St. Augustine, FL 32086

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