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Here are some advantages to our “V.I.P. EMAIL CLUB”
marketing program, in a nutshell:


  • Return on email investment is three to six times better than offline marketing -- According to the Direct Marketing Association’s Power of Direct Economic-Impact Study, email’s average return on investment far outshines the ROI (Return On Investment) of search engine marketing, direct mail, catalogs, newspaper advertising, and telemarketing. Results don't lie. Commercial email returned an average of a whopping $43.62 for every dollar spent on it in 2009!! 

    Here is a sample calculation:

    If you
    And you
    You can
    If they
    That adds
    up to
    500 2 25% $20 $2,500
    in your
    Email Club
    coupons per
    per month
    to buy just
    one time
    that month
    on that

    (Sample only ... your mileage may vary.)

    Since you would only pay $148 for the VIP Email Club service,
    (That's a 1589% Return on Investment!)
    Would you trade $148 for $2,500??


  • Regular contact with customers -- the best way to increase your business and keep customers coming back to YOU rather than going to your competitors.

  • Build long-term relationships with customers AND draw in new customers –- “reward program members are 70% more likely to be word-of-mouth champions than the general population.” (Colloquy)  Let your customers advertise for you!

  • Save money –- no printing, postage or waste.

  • Save time –- you can begin TODAY. We’ll do everything for you!

  • Fast response time –- customers can take action as soon as they read their email.

  • Track results –- you’ll know exactly how well this Club is working.

  • Flexibility -- was business super slow in your restaurant over the weekend? We can send out a special offer to get customers in right away so your extra food won't go to waste.

  • No contracts -- stay with us as long as you wish, you can even just give it a try for one month.

  • Stand out from your competition – have you seen a “lead box” on any competitor’s countertop? Chances are, they’re not collecting customer information OR sending emails! Also, most other advertising mediums surround you with competitors ... for example: every restaurant in town is in the Yellow Pages, every local coupon book has dozens of other restaurants in it. But in the customer’s email box, YOUR local restaurant will be the only one!


To supercharge your marketing efforts, we suggest adding our V.I.P. Text Club to your service.

Deborah McGeorge  (904) 624-1132