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We have over 26 years of experience as licensed janitors, so we know the most efficient, professional way to properly handle the job. We understand the complexities of maintaining waxed floors and other important cleaning matters. As experienced professionals, we know our job and work independently in an efficient manner. You never have to micro-manage us.

[An amateur will know just the basics, and this lack of in-depth knowledge of the industry can lead to substandard work and permanent damage of your equipment, floors, surfaces, etc.]


The vast majority of other cleaning companies have their employees doing the work since most jobs are too big for one person to regularly handle alone … you would have no control over who is in regularly in your building after hours. And if the company is a janitorial franchise, this issue is of even greater concern.

First Coast Cleaners is NOT a franchise ... it is our own company built brick-by-brick by our own four hands from personally visiting local businesses to introduce ourselves and our services, and our company has been worked by our own four hands for 26 years. Be very careful if you're approached by a janitorial service franchise company. Click here to read the Federal Trade Commission's warning to people thinking about purchasing a janitorial service franchise -- it is so fraught with problems and disadvantages that the federal government feels the need to inform the public. The problems associated with it WILL affect your company if you become involved with a franchised cleaning service. Among the issues is this: franchisees purchase accounts from franchisors who place job bids for them, then a revolving door of different employees are hired to do the actual cleaning work. You never know who will be in your office after hours when your staff is not there. By contrast, we personally find and negotiate our own accounts, bid our own prices, and do the actual work. You know for certain that when you contact our office you'll be speaking directly with the two people who are cleaning your building, you will not be speaking to a secretary at a distant corporate office.


We live by deeply-rooted principles of honesty, so you can be assured that we will never lie, directly or indirectly steal, or do anything ethically or morally improper against any person or against the company.


In the 26 years First Coast Cleaners has been in business, we have never been a “no show”. So you never have to worry that the job won’t get done! We will be here when we promise, and we have consistently proved that since 1988. In the rare event one mate is sick, the other mate handles the job. On the rare occasion that we will be out of town, arrangements are made well in advance and we’ll offer several options to ensure your satisfaction. In the even rarer event of circumstances beyond our control, we will contact you as soon as possible and make arrangements for the job to be done.


We have always believed that clear communication is the lifeblood of any relationship. We welcome any questions and contact regarding our services and will strive to be clear in specifying exactly what duties will be performed for the agreed price. Each proposal for cleaning services is clearly spelled out in writing for your files and ours. And each new client receives a written and signed Terms of Service document outlining compensation, payment, confidentiality, termination, independent contractor status, insurance, and other details so there are no surprises.


Our company carries a full complement of general liability insurance for our commercial cleaning services. Our active policy provides coverage of up to $3 million (aggregate).

The business philosophy of FIRST COAST CLEANERS is simple: we provide an honest, knowledgeable, straightforward approach to your cleaning needs. Our commitment is to provide quality service, on time, at affordable prices in a spirit of partnership, clear communication, and strong moral ethics. Our reputation depends upon it.

Ask us for a list of References so you can talk to other companies who love our service! Here are just a few for now:

for 11 years (5 days per week) we cleaned Tensolite/Carlisle's 8,750 square foot office
and also common areas, offices, departments, breakrooms and restrooms
within the 151,650 square foot manufacturing plant


We have a rock-solid reputation and have consistently earned the trust of clients for over a quarter of a century, including some multi-million dollar organizations. Let us take care of your company's office cleaning needs ... you will not be disappointed.

Call  (904) 797-7705 or
email our office to set up an appointment to receive a FREE building inspection to help determine if your cleaning needs are being fulfilled by your current arrangement. By the way, our prices simply can’t be beat -- our clients are thrilled!






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